Destination Eat Drink on Radio Misfits

Destination Eat Drink on Radio Misfits

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Destination Eat Drink – Sweets & Desserts
July 01, 2022

It's all about desserts and sweets as we revisit some of our best conversations about donuts, kolaches, gelato, and a pastry that's taking Naples by storm! [Ep 187] Show Notes: Alice Gu on Destination Eat Drink podcast Alice Gu’s website The Donut Kin

Destination Eat Drink – Viktor Krauss from Robert Plant/Alison Krauss Band
June 24, 2022

Viktor Krauss is an accomplished musician with several solo albums as well as being a long time member of Lyle Lovett's Large Band. He's also played on records by Dolly Parton, Natalie Merchant, Sarah Jarosz and many, many more. Right now, Viktor is on th

Destination Eat Drink – Amsterdam Stroopwafels and swearing like a real Dutch person
June 17, 2022

We're in Amsterdam with Thijs of Amsterdam Food Tours for Stroopwafels, Pancakes on a boat, Stamppot, and how to swear like a Dutch person (don't worry, it's G-rated!). Plus, we talk about how the Dutch handle soft drugs like weed. [Ep 185] Show Notes:

Destination Eat Drink – Amsterdam beers, Jordaan neighborhood, and quality of life
June 10, 2022

We're in Amsterdam with Thijs from Amsterdam Food Tours for Brown Bars, a drink called a Head Bump, and when to order a Boch beer and when to order a Wheat Beer. Plus, what Amsterdam is doing to help the quality of life for residents while still embracing

Destination Eat Drink – Beer
June 03, 2022

Just in time for summer we're revisiting some of our favorite conversations about beer. We enjoy a mug of suds in the emerging craft beer scene of Portugal, a boot full of beer in Chicago, and examine the advantages of living next to a brewery. Plus, we'l

Destination Eat Drink – Georgia with Rob Rose
May 27, 2022

Rob Rose's TV show Raw Travel has been on the air for 9 seasons. We talk with Rob about the country of Georgia and its cuisine like the bread called Nazuki, a candy called Churchkela and how to rent a car when there's no rental car company. Plus, Rob take

Destination Eat Drink – Toronto with Kevin Durkee
May 20, 2022

We're in Toronto to try an iconic sandwich, peach praline pie and a dish called "A Damn Mess" with foodie tour guide Kevin Durkee of Culinary Adventure Co. All that and a live segment from the monthly market in Azeitao, Portugal. [Ep 181] Show Notes: Cu

Destination Eat Drink – Hanoi, Vietnam
May 13, 2022

Tracy Nguyen is a foodie tour guide in Hanoi and an expert on the cuisine of Vietnam. She talks with us about eggs in your coffee and a scalding noodle dish that has nothing to do with temperature. Plus, Tracy shares the story of a dish rescued by Anthony

Destination Eat Drink – Green Travel with Richard Hammond
May 06, 2022

Richard Hammond has been writing and reporting on the climate crisis and green travel for years. In 2006, Richard founded the Green Traveller website and newsletter devoted to the issues of sustainable and eco-friendly travel. We talk with Richard's new b

Destination Eat Drink – Transplanted Cuisine
April 29, 2022

Transplanted cuisine is when a dish or ingredient moves from one place to another, often by immigrants. And, when that dish changes along the way, things get very interesting! We're talking about Peru ingredients with Chinese cooking techniques, Jewish ta