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The Bitcoin Maxis were accidentally correct
June 19, 2023

Doubtless THE story of financial markets in 2023 has been the astonishing comeback of MegaTech. When rates went to zero during the pandemic, the explosion in Tech valuations made sense both in terms of mechanics and narrative. If discounted cash flows wer

Nvidia, the Chump Principle & 2033 Predictions
June 04, 2023

The Ancient Greeks used to say that Phobos, the God of Fear and Panic, ruled the battlefield. We might say the same of FOMO in the realm of financial markets. Even in the face of higher rates, an overblown debate about the debt ceiling and at least the th

The Chipotle Theory of Asset Prices
April 24, 2023

Over the past year, the S&P is down just 4%. In the world of equity markets, that is essentially...nowhere...a nothing burger. This on the heels of the Fed's most aggressive hiking campaign in living memory, one that began last March. Doubtless there

The Fed Balance Sheet & The Future of Asset Prices
March 28, 2023

We spend a considerable amount of time on our silly little podcast agonizing over levels in the S&P 500. As we hover below 4,000, is the stock market overvalued or undervalued? Did the market bottom at 3,600 in October? Will this recession bring about

Quantitative Easing by Another Name
March 20, 2023

The halcyon days of quantitative easing made us all forget one simple truth. That in the annals of financial history, bank runs are numerous and inveterate. Like the coming of spring or another movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Except that the Gre

Money Market Springtime
February 27, 2023

We spend our days trying to guess which way financial markets will go, like medieval alchemists or broadcast news meteorologists. Is the bottom already in for the S&P and all degenerate risk assets? Where will rates go, and for how long? Is now the ti

Is the Bitcoin correlation breaking?
February 21, 2023

With the S&P dithering in no man's land, we speculate on the implications of ChatGPT and its inevitable imitators. Needless to say it will trivialize the entire profession of data science. But will it become the greatest business-to-business software

Will the Emerging Markets ever Emerge? Part 14
January 23, 2023

While the world's putative Illuminati gather in Davos, the S&P fails once more to escape its bear market structure. This in spite of some frisson over Netflix earnings and yet more bloodletting across Big Tech. Meanwhile Finance Twitter has begun to c

January's Micro-Rally Explained
January 16, 2023

This week with inflation cooling off and the Federal Reserve balance sheet unchanged, the S&P 500 stretched to near 4,000. But Jerome Powell has made it clear that no rally can long endure, not while unemployment hovers near 3.5%. For now the structur

The Tesla bubble bursts & ChatGPT takes our jobs
January 08, 2023

We're back after a hiatus worthy of European aristocracy!Tesla, the last great hope of technology optimists everywhere, has at last succumbed to the Great Duration Bubble. From incomprehensible over-valuation to soul crushing underperformance, the likes o