Dyslexics Wanted

Dyslexics Wanted

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Irene Buchine -052
March 31, 2024

Today we welcome author/educator/illustrator Irene Buchine. Her impactful book for children and adults is entitled, Celia and the Little Boy. It is the story of two children trapped in the darkness

Judge Gustavo Gelpi -051
May 17, 2023

Today we welcome Judge Gustavo Gelpi, appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in October, 2021. Our podcast is a personal account of a young college student who received

Dr. Phil Hulbig -050
December 16, 2022

Today we welcome Dr. Phil Hulbig, who has thirty years of experience teaching students who present with neurological uniqueness. He has developed and designed specialized metacognitive programs for s

John Rinaldo -049
September 29, 2022

Were proud to spotlight John Rinaldo, who as he admits, has this thing called Dyslexia. Growing up in Canada, John struggled in school for many years until he finally got the help he needed to mov

Rebecca Rolland – Art of Talking with Children -048
June 27, 2022

Today we invite you to enjoy a conversation with an expert in the art of communication. Jordan welcomes Rebecca Rolland, EdD to discuss her wonderfully instructive new book The Art of Talking with Ch

RS Mellette -047
May 04, 2022

Jordan invites a super fun guest to the podcast, sci-fi writer R.S. Mellette. R.S. shares his personal story of coping with dyslexia and overcoming it to successfully work on the hit television show

Michelle Baharier -046
May 04, 2022

Today we take the microphones across the pond to interview a dynamic creative force whose work is celebrated in England and around the world. Jordan invites you to meet inter-disciplinary artist Mi

Heidi Williams -045
December 14, 2021

Today Jordan welcomes a remarkable young woman with boundless energy, creativity and a keen business sense. Heidi Williams is an ex-competitive rock climber and parttime ski-patroller who loves the ou

Andrew Nehring, Author -044
July 25, 2021

Today Jordan introduces us to sci-fi novelist Andrew Nehring, who is the author of The Corrupted Light Chronicles series and his latest entitled David Massie and the Quantum Flux, Book 1. Posse

Gabriela Diller & Manny Valmir -043
July 15, 2021

Today Jordan welcomes a dynamic teacher and student team to the podcast. Meet Gabriela Diller, special educator, advocate and educational consultant. She recently founded Lotus Advocacy, offering tu