Dyslexics Wanted

Dyslexics Wanted

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Dr. Kathryn Garforth -023
September 24, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Dr. Kathryn Garforth who offers professional expertise in Educational Psychology and a personal understanding of the frustrations children and adults with learning difficulties experience.

Zachary Wingate -022
September 16, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Zachary Wingate.  Zachary’s mission is to take what he has learned about dyslexia and “pay it forward.”  He shares his experiences helping others with dyslexia understand that they are not alone and that there are...

Dan Fickes -021
September 01, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and accomplished video producer Dan Fickes, owner of Boston based company Ocean One Productions.  Dan is an Emmy winning video shooter, director, editor and producer who also has an extensive background in broadcast t...

Diamond Dallas Paige -020
August 07, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and former pro wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Paige. Dallas is a best-selling author with his latest motivational book entitled, “Positively Unstoppable.”  He’s a world-renowned fitness instructor who ...

Dr. Chris Menton -019
June 25, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Dr. Chris Menton, criminal justice professor and former program director at Roger Williams University School of Continuing Studies.  Jordan and Chris discuss the impact of dyslexia and other learning disabilities ...

Berkley Singer -018
June 05, 2019

Berkley Singer is an exemplary special education teacher, currently employed in Colorado.  Her work with students has been highly impactful.   Berkley shares her own story of coping with dyslexia as a student and reflects on the motivation and inspirat...

Kids with Superpowers -Bodhi Taylor Bragonier – 017
May 21, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Bodhi Bragonier, an 11-year old currently in the 5th grade, whose parents are also dyslexic. Bodhi has dealt with the challenges many children with dyslexia face and he shares perspectives on peer pressure,

Matt Bomes -016
May 07, 2019

A conversation between Jordan Rich and Matt Bomes, Founder and Chief Innovation officer for Summit Street Medical,  empowering food allergy families to live life to the fullest.   The company is currently in the midst of unveiling an exciting new deliv...

Dean Bragonier -015
April 23, 2019

Dean Bragonier is the Founder and ‘Executive Dyslexic’ of NoticeAbility.org. He and his team have pioneered the development of teaching and learning techniques helping dyslexic students succeed in academics and life.

Taylor Mali -014
April 09, 2019

Taylor Mali has been writing and performing poetry since 2000. His poems have been described as eminently clear, relatable, humorous and touching. He has performed or taught poetry in over 50 foreign countries and throughout the United States.