Dyslexics Wanted

Dyslexics Wanted

Gabriela Diller & Manny Valmir -043

July 15, 2021

Today Jordan welcomes a dynamic teacher and student team to the podcast.  Meet Gabriela Diller, special educator, advocate and educational consultant.  She recently founded Lotus Advocacy, offering tutoring, advocacy and consulting for special education success.  Gabi specializes in executive functioning, coaching, transition skills and college and job readiness.

One of her former students is joining us as well.  Manny Valmir graduated from Boston Prep High School, then attended Westfield State’s learning disabilities program, transferred to Framingham University and recently graduated with a degree in criminal justice.  He’s proud to share news of his positive experience being helped by Gabriela.

The two are now good friends and their story reminds us that with time, dedication  and patience, anything is possible.

If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast, write to jordan@chartproductions.com. If you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia, please visit our website at dyslexicswanted.org.