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The Gathering of the Juggalos 2023 – Episode #122
July 11, 2023 Today we are hanging out with Gage and talking about our gathering experiences! Lots of good stories this year, so come hang! Get your merch now at https://www.DeckOneDe

The Wraith Remixes: Hell’s Pit – feat. Megz and DC Faygo Guy
July 04, 2023 This episode we are talking about the Wraith Remix album Hell's Pit! But first, we're hanging out with Megz and her husband, some dude named Faygo Guy. Come hang! #jugga

Vinny Mac & More! – Episode #120
June 26, 2023 Today is the big day! We finally sit down to talk to one of our favorite people, Vinny Mac Kissinger! Make sure to follow him on social media and subscribe to his channel

Absolute Power – Episode #119
June 19, 2023 Today we discuss Tech N9ne's Absolute Power from 2002! One of our favorites. Come hang! Get your merch now at! Linktree: http://www.l

W.I.C.K.E.D. – Episode #118
June 12, 2023 Today we discuss Twiztid's W.I.C.K.E.D.! But first, we tell some stories, check on some of our favorite juggalo homies, and share some never before heard snippets of some

3-Headed Monster: Obliteration – Episode #117
June 05, 2023 Today we're joined once again by Chris, and he runs down his first impressions of Fred Fury on his journey to catch up after years of juggaloism lost. We then have a litt

Professor Shaggs – Episode #116
May 29, 2023 Today we're discussing Shaggy's new EP, Professor Shaggs and the Quest for the Ultimate Groove! We're joined once again by our homeboy Sharif, and we bring back Juggalo O

Clockwork Gray – Episode #115
May 22, 2023 Today we're discussing Blaze's 2007 LP, Clockwork Gray! We're joined once again by our homeboy Chris! We also check out some of the acts performing at the gathering Com

Colton Grundy – Episode #114
May 09, 2023 Today we're discussing Blaze's 2004 sophomore LP, the long awaited follow-up to his debut instant juggalo classic album 1 Less G - Colton Grundy! We also check out the ne

The Astronomic Dr. Khronik & More! – Episode #113
April 25, 2023 Today we're once again joined by our homeboy Chris and we're listening to friend of the show OneManKru's new Keepaz of the Krypt album, The Astronomic Dr. Khronik! We