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Deck One Dealt

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D1D – Episode #6 – Riddle Box
March 26, 2019

This episode we welcome our first guest, our old school juggalo homie Ben! We chat a little bit about our juggalo history together, before touching on a few news topics. We also address the Twiztid controversy once again,

Deck One Dealt – Episode #5 – The Terror Wheel
March 17, 2019

This episode we are discussing ICP’s The Terror Wheel EP from 1994

Deck One Dealt – Episode #4 – Ringmaster
March 17, 2019

This episode we’re discussing the Ringmaster! But first we give our thoughts on Twiztid’s Rude Jude interview on Shade 45 from last week

Deck One Dealt – Episode #3 – Beverly Kills 50187
March 01, 2019

This episode we begin by discussing the new Yahoo and No Jumper ICP interviews before diving into our review of Beverly Kills 50187 – the first sideshow EP from the Insane Clown Posse!

Deck One Dealt – Episode #2 – Carnival of Carnage
February 27, 2019

Today we go track-for-track with ICP’s first full-length album from 1992 (or ’91 or ’93 depending on who you ask) Carnival of Carnage! This is where it all began, and we’re taking a trip down memory lane discussing how our feelings for this album have ...

Deck One Dealt – Episode #1 – Fearless Fred Fury
February 26, 2019

This is episode #1 of Deck One Dealt, a new school podcast for old school juggalos, featuring your hosts Keezie and Carver! For our inaugural episode we dissect ICP’s newest album “Fearless Fred Fury” track by track,