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Forgotten Freshness 3 Review – Episode #21
July 22, 2020

Sup juggs? After a long break, we return once again! Carver reveals that he has been in a coma for months and has missed out on all the coronavirus and protesting fun. He also has experienced some short-term memory loss and has left his toxic girlfrien...

Mostasteless Review – Episode #20
March 02, 2020

This episode we give a rundown of Carver’s Astronomicon shenanigans, shout out all his new homies, and share our opinions of Twiztid’s debut album, Mostasteless. Like and subscribe, and hit us up on facebook! http://www.facebook.

Deck One Dealt – Brilliant Evil Businessmen – Episode #19
February 06, 2020

We begin this episode by discussing ICP and Twiztid’s cult/gang status, and Twiztid’s storied history of using the n-word. We discuss juggalos being full of white male rage, and move on to share our opinions about Tom MacDonald and Madchild’s new music...

Deck One Dealt – Something to Represent – Episode #18
January 29, 2020

We begin this episode by discussing the new Eminem album, and his influence on Detroit hip-hop. We talk about gun control and Carver blames juggalos for most sociopathic behavior. Carver tells us he’s going vegan and makes a case for why ICP should joi...

Deck One Dealt – Joker-esque Cretins – Episode #17
January 16, 2020

This episode we share our thoughts on the new Rydas album, and delve deeper into Carver’s newfound resentment of ICP. We also discuss our opinions on The Joker movie, and how it relates to juggalo culture

Deck One Dealt – Episode #16 – A New Dynamic
January 10, 2020

We are back with our first episode in almost 4 months! A LOT has changed, so we wanted to do a quick update to let you all know what’s going on, and how things will be different moving forward. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube ...

Bizzar/Bizaar… and More! – Episode #15
September 26, 2019

This episode we begin by sharing our thoughts on the Toy Gory cypher, which puts us on a long tangent about juggalo rappers. We then go through both Bizzar and Bizaar sharing stories along the way. Like us on Facebook, subscribe on Youtube,

Dark Lotus – Tales from the Lotus Pod Rewind – Episode #14
August 28, 2019

This episode we are discussing an album that rocked the juggalo world in 2001, the debut album from Dark Lotus – Tales from the Lotus Pod. An all-time favorite and juggalo classic, this album brings back waves of memories of a simpler time,

Outer Space Dumpin’ – Episode #13
July 27, 2019

On this episode of Deck One Dealt, we share our thoughts on the original Psychopathics from Outer Space album from 2000, and the debut Rydas album – Dumpin’! We share lots of memories throughout, and wrap things up with our current thoughts on Twiztid....

Old School Gathering Bonanza – Episode #12
July 21, 2019

This episode we welcome our juggalo homies Shane and Shawn to talk about some of our favorite memories from the gatherings of yesteryear. Gatherings discussed include 2001-2005. Like and subscribe, and hit us up on facebook! http://www.facebook.