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#3 – (Almost) everything you need to know about Generation Z, including some actionable stuff as well
March 15, 2020

We do an in-depth episode on our “saviour generation” (as Nuno calls them), gen Z: who are they, what do they stand for, what are their aspirations and hopes, why does it matter so much, how entrepreneurial will they be, how will they engage,

#2 – The future of direct-to-consumer, the vital importance of … chicken, and the future of food delivery
March 14, 2020

We discuss the future of direct to consumer brands and the long awaited reclaiming of end-consumer relationships by the L’Oreals and Philips of the world, and why Nuno won’t do “automatic toothbrush head re-ordering” any time soon.

#1 – Lessons from the grandfather of Venture Capital, evolution of the VC landscape and how big is big (in markets)
March 09, 2020

We get Tech DECIPHERED started by discussing the lessons learnt from the grandfather of Silicon Valley Venture Capital and founder of Sequoia Capital, Don Valentine… learn what the Don Valentine jacket was all about. 

#0 – The Origin Story
March 08, 2020

A short primer on what to expect of the new Tech Deciphered Show and why you should tune in.Learn more about what Tech Deciphered’s origin story, its format and tone, as well as an introduction and background of the 2 co-hosts: Nuno Goncalves Pedro,