Tech Deciphered

Tech Deciphered

#21 – Recap on 2020 and Outlook for 2021 – End of Season 1

April 01, 2021

In episode 21, we will end our first season of Tech Deciphered, by taking  a look back at 2020 - spoiler alert: defined by something starting with a C and ending with a 9 - as well as what we expect to happen in 2021. We will share our answers on questions like: Will we finally get rid of this pandemic? Is there a bubble in the public equity market in the US? We will also share our own personal lessons-learnt. For a more in-depth look at the future and the 2020s, please listen to episodes 11, 12 and 13, and for a more detailed view on COVID-19, please also listen to episodes 9A and 9B.


Introduction (01:24)
Moment of Silence - In Memoriam (02:32)
Section 1 - Recap on 2020 (03:00)
Section 2 - Personal stories (26:11)
Section 3 - COVID-19 and Macro Outlook for 2021 (32:10)
Section 4 - Outlook for Tech in 2021 (42:42)
Season 2 Preview & Conclusion (51:24)

Our co-hosts:

Bertrand Schmitt, Tech Entrepreneur, co-founder and Chairman at App Annie, @bschmitt
Nuno Goncalves Pedro, Investor, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Strive Capital, @ngpedro

Our show: Tech DECIPHERED brings you the Entrepreneur and Investor views on Big Tech, VC and Start-up news, opinion pieces and research. We decipher their meaning, and add inside knowledge and context. Being nerds, we also discuss the latest gadgets and pop culture news.
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