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Tech Deciphered

#5 – The Media war(s) are all around us, but how much content is too much content?

March 15, 2020

We go in-depth on the ongoing media streaming wars touching upon Apple, Disney, Netflix, AT&T… and well, we spend a lot of time talking about Disney, our new Media overlord. We discuss whether we are at “Peak TV”, audio streaming and the Marvel Universe and how it changed the global movie landscape for all of us. Throughout this episode, we must warn our listeners that we will also share some strong opinions on specific movies and tv shows… don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

Apple TV Plus: why it’s not about what you think it is (01:59)
Are we at “Peak TV”? (09:34)
AT&T’s new media strategy (16:10)
Disney Plus: a new giant of streaming emerges? (21:40)
How the Marvel Universe changed the movie arena (33:05)
Peak TV and peak Media (41:40)


Bloomberg, Apple TV+ launch -
Hollywood Reporter, Apple TV+ shows getting 2nd season -
Cult of Mac, Apple TV+ pulls in ‘millions of users’ in its first week -
iMore, Apple TV+ analysis predicts initial demand falls behind Netflix's top offerings -
Ars Technica, As DirecTV tanks, AT&T says it will “re-bundle” TV with HBO Max -
App Annie, Mobile Minute: Disney+ Poised to Shake Up Mobile Streaming Market -
Seattle Times, Disney Plus hits 10M subscribers in 1 day -
What is the Endgame for Disney+ -
Matthew Ball, Marveliad, Cinematic Universes Aren't New; They're the Oldest Stories on Earth -
Matthew Ball, Disney, IP and returns to "Marginal Affinity" -
WSJ, Roku Getting Splashed by Streaming Wars -
Hollywood Reporter, Studio Chief Summit: All 7 Top Film Executives, One Room, Nothing Off-Limits (and No Easy Answers) -
Hollywood Reporter, Liberty Media CEO Forecasts "Circular Firing Squad" for Hollywood's Streaming Wars -
Matthew Ball, The Mining of Media (or The "Streaming Wars" are Just a Battle) -
WSJ, Expect Fewer Big Media Deals Next Decade -
Bloomberg, TV Industry Suffers Steepest Drop in Ad Sales Since Recession -

Our co-hosts:

Bertrand Schmitt, Tech Entrepreneur, co-founder and Chairman at App Annie, @bschmitt
Nuno Goncalves Pedro, Investor, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Strive Capital, @ngpedro 

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Full transcription: may contain unintentionally confusing, inaccurate and/or amusing transcription errors
Nuno: Welcome to episode 5. 
Today we'll spend most of our time talking about media: the launch of Apple TV, Disney Plus, and a few other in-depth articles that we've had a chance to take a look at 
Bertrand: Hello Nuno, how are you?
Nuno: I'm well, how about you Bertrand?
Bertrand: I'm doing good, thank you. I'm pretty excited to talk about the media space today. A lot of action in that space in the few months, so glad we find the time to talk about what's happening and what is all this media streaming war all about. 
Apple TV Plus: why it's not about what you think it is (01:59)
Nuno: So let's start with Apple TV. 
So, Apple TV Plus launched November 1st, we have a bunch of articles that we've been talking about for the last few weeks around and interesting.