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"Dealing with Injury" - Ep. #8
November 24, 2015

No one likes to talk about it, but we all have to deal with injuries at some point.  As more athletes continue to flock toward powerlifting, it is important to consider this frustrating aspect of the sport. What steps can we take to avoid injury?...

Random Cast with Jorge Rosado - Ep. #7
November 17, 2015

Athlete and friend Jorge Rosado happened to stop by the De Novo House with a lot on his mind.  So, we broke out the microphones and started recording the first Random Cast!

"Where Does Fitness Fit?" - Ep. #6
November 10, 2015

Where does 'fitness' fit into your life? Is it your obsession or your hobby? How can you tell when you've crossed the line from confidence to disillusionment? Listen to Ben, Ryan, and Jacob as they discuss where fitness fits into your life and how to...

"Bodybuilding vs. Powerlifting" - Ep. #5
November 03, 2015

As natural bodybuilding and powerlifting continue to rise in popularity, a curious interplay between the two has surfaced in the fitness community. While some individuals remain purists in one domain or the other, cross-over athletes have also become...

"Expectations and Misconceptions of Coaching" - Ep. #4
October 27, 2015

With more and more people seeking coaching for bodybuilding and powerlifting prep,  some misconceptions have arisen regarding the client-coach relationship. What can realistically be expected when seeking a coach? Surely, some are more skilled...

Do We Need Institution? - Ep. #3
October 20, 2015

Do we need the traditional institution or has the individual surmounted this need through social media? Perhaps competing in the conventional institutional sense (through fitness and/or powerlifting organizations) is no longer necessary now that we...

"Scientist or celebrity: Why do you science?" - Ep. #2
September 27, 2015

As we know, scientific research has become more and more accessible with the advent of the internet. But what do we do with this information? Why do you like science? While some use science as a means to be progressive and further their knowledge,...

"The Importance of Bro" - Ep. #1
September 26, 2015

With the rising popularity of evidence-based approaches to training and nutrition and the demand for further research in the field of exercise physiology, there has been a stigmatization of "bro-scientists" everywhere.  We look down on them from...