Fascinating People Fascinating Places

Fascinating People Fascinating Places

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Eisenhower: President and General
March 08, 2023

By June 1944, the winds of war had changed. The German High Command was bracing for an invasion of mainland Europe by a liberating multi-national force. Kansas native, Dwight D Eisenhower was the Supr

Nixon & Watergate
February 23, 2023

On 8 August 1974, US President Richard Nixon announced his intention to resign from office. This signaled the end of a scandal-plagued period in office. The release of the so-called smoking gun audi

Boko Haram (Islamic Terrorism in Western Africa)
February 10, 2023

Boko Haram (Arabic: ) is a Nigerian-based Islamic militant group founded by Mohammed Yusuf in 2002. The group seeks to impose its strict version of Islam across a swathe

Satan and The Exorcists (Part 2 of 2)
January 26, 2023

Kenneth Dukofsky is an exorcist. Raised in the Jewish faith, his experiences with the seemingly supernatural led him to adopt a scientific approach to the supernatural. He also became ordained in the

Satan and the Exorcists (Part 1 of 2)
January 12, 2023

Friday 13th . A few years ago, the Barna Group a market research firm specializing in religious beliefs conducted a survey in which it emerged that more Americans believe Satan is real than believe

The Göring Brothers: Albert and Hermann
January 05, 2023

In 1945, the Allied powers prepared to hold the Nazi leaders accountable for the crimes committed during world war II. Richard Sonnenfeldt sat down with a man whose name was as synonymous with Nazism

I've Been Everywhere Man: Gary Arndt
December 21, 2022

Of the many Fascinating Places around the world, only the most extraordinary make the Unesco World Heritage site list. Gary Arndt blogger, businessman, and podcaster has visited over 400 of these

Dahomey (Amazon Agojie Warriors & Culture)
December 07, 2022

Precisely 200 years ago, Prince Pedro declared independence for the Portuguese colony of Brazil. The first country in the world to officially acknowledge the vast nations independence was a tiny Afri

Caliphate of Hamdullahi (Massina Empire)
November 23, 2022

In North West Africa, the vast wilderness of the Sahara runs into the tropical rainforests of Benin and Burkina Faso. And it is in this region, that some of Africas greatest empires flourished. Among

Modern Day Slavery: Mauritania
November 09, 2022

Mauritania, one of Africas largest yet least talked about countries holds a dark secret: slavery. While slavery in various forms continues to exist around the world, in Mauritania its on a massive sc