The Daily Scrub @healwithblair

The Daily Scrub @healwithblair

Latest Episodes

Empaths and the Nervous System
May 30, 2024

Empaths can get strong organic responses to everyday people and situations. Blair describes how this is effecting your nervous system and some simple exercises to create resilience.

Limiting beliefs are an illusion
April 19, 2024

Blair explains how limiting beliefs represent the truth but are definitely not the truth. There are alternative and opportunities to explore.

Inevitable tests
April 11, 2024

On our healing journey, we are going to tested. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it has to happen. Blair explains how yo navigate in this episode

Humble pie episode
April 04, 2024

I finally get back to an episode of the podcast. This is part confession, part apology. It is a bit of a pity party. I give an update on where Im at too.

Ourselves in relationship
April 04, 2024

More of how we can turn up in relationships to maintain our own integrity but also our connection. There is a technical error at the end of this episode which may leave you hanging but I figured Id post it anyway.

Three elements in one relationship
January 12, 2024

Blair outlines a healthy way to consider relationship dynamics to avoid anxiety, codependency, emotional volatility and defensiveness.

Always sunshine
January 11, 2024

Blair shares one of his favourite mindfulness themes, also reliable and effective for positively influencing our thoughts and emotions.

Win with lower brain communication
January 07, 2024

In this short episode, Blair highlights the importance of understanding our lower brain and how we can communicate for help with regulation and feeling better quickly. Dont miss this one!

Dealing with existential thoughts
January 06, 2024

Blair describes how to use simple techniques to shift away from existential based rumination when it arises, when we contemplate global issues like climate change, war, or covid.

Setting Intentions
January 02, 2024

Blair describes a major intention setting experiment to validate the process of turning mental intentions into physical manifestations. He adds how to do this for yourself in the simplest way possible.