Critical Care Scenarios

Critical Care Scenarios

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TIRBO #26: RadioPEEP discordance
January 11, 2023

On todays TIRBO: A sinister pitfall that may lead you to injuring lungs and worsening outcomes. Find us on Patreon here! Buy your merch here!

Episode 55: Undifferentiated encephalopathy and autoimmune encephalitis, with Casey Albin
January 04, 2023

How to evaluate the patient with unexplained encephalopathy, and a practical approach to diagnosing autoimmune encephalitis with an emphasis on anti-NMDA receptor encephalitiswith Dr. Casey Albin (@C

TIRBO #25: Two things NOT to hear
December 28, 2022

On todays TIRBO: A couple common lines Id rather stop hearing people say in the ICU.

Lightning rounds #23: How we do end-of-life care
December 21, 2022

A general discussion about how we recognize patients are dying, how we steer into discussions regarding goals of care, and the many biases and errors we often bring to the table. Two-part blog post at

TIRBO #24: Two things people need to hear
December 14, 2022

On todays TIRBO, a couple things worth saying when a patient is struck down with unexpected critical illness: its going to take time, and it wasnt anyones fault. Find us on Patreon here! Buy your

Episode 54: The critically ill patient with pulmonary hypertension, with Ray Foley
December 07, 2022

We look at the patient with known pulmonary hypertension admitted for new issues like sepsis and pneumonia, and how they differ from our usual bread and butter, with help from Dr. Raymond Foley, direc

TIRBO #23: Cultivating clinical calm
November 30, 2022

Much is made of staying cool during emergencies, but what does this really mean? What is calm, what role does it play in a clinical environment, when is it appropriate, and how do we learn it? This

Lightning rounds #22: Our drugs of choice
November 23, 2022

Bryan and Brandon go through their default, go-to drugs for common clinical indications in the ICU: stress ulcer prophylaxis, empiric antibiotics, hypertension, and more.

TIRBO #22: Understanding “weak” trainees
November 16, 2022

You have a trainee, orientee, intern/resident/fellow, student, or other learner who just seems slower than the rest. What should that mean to you? A perspective on this weeks TIRBO.

Episode 53: Documentation and coding with Robert Oubre
November 09, 2022

An exploration of clinical documentation and billing/coding with Dr. Robert Oubre (@Dr_Oubre), full-time hospitalist and CDI Medical Director for a community hospital in southern Louisiana. Takeaway l