Critical Care Scenarios

Critical Care Scenarios

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Episode 40: Making the diagnosis with André Mansoor
November 28, 2021

Dr. André Mansoor (@AndreMansoor), associate professor of medicine in Portland, Oregon, author of the excellent Frameworks for Internal Medicine, and contributor to Physical Diagnosis PDX, talks us th

Lightning rounds #9: Notes and documentation
November 14, 2021

Bryan and Brandon chat about notes: what makes a good one, their many and conflicting purposes, some structures and approaches, system- versus problem-based charting, and more.

Episode 39: ECMO for COVID-19 with Kim Boswell
October 31, 2021

An overview of VV ECMO with a focus on COVID-19, with Dr. Kimberly A. Boswell (EM and CCM) of the University of Maryland, perhaps the busiest center in the country for COVID-related ECMO. We discuss e

Lightning rounds #8: Five things you’re getting wrong
October 17, 2021

Bryan’s off this week, so Brandon flies solo to explain five wrong-headed notions that many people believe without thinking about them. Are diuretic infusions more effective than intermittent boluses?

Episode 38: GI bleeding with Elliot Tapper
October 03, 2021

Back with returning guest Dr. Elliot Tapper (@ebtapper), gastroenterologist, transplant hepatologist, and director of the cirrhosis program at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, to talk about cr

Lightning rounds #7: Operationalizing clinical skill
September 19, 2021

Discussing a pickle of a topic: outside of academic milestones, how do we recognize, acknowledge, reward, and move towards clinical excellence in medicine after one’s training is complete? In fact… do

Episode 37: Airway management for COVID-19
September 05, 2021

Back again with Dr. Ross Hofmeyr (@rosshofmeyr), anesthesiologist in the Department of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine at the University of Cape Town, to discuss an expert’s perspective on airw

Lightning rounds #6: Point of care ultrasound
August 22, 2021

We chat about focused, clinician-performed point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in the ICU. How do you learn it? What are our favorite applications? What are some of the particulars and caveats surroundin

Episode 36: Preventing and managing complications
August 08, 2021

Back in the arena with one of our favorites, Matt Siuba (@msiuba), Cleveland Clinic intensivist and Mr. Zentensivism, to discuss complications in critical care and how to prevent and manage them. Toda

Lightning rounds #5: Career development for critical care APPs
July 25, 2021

Conceiving, planning, and building your career as a critical care PA or NP. Determining if this field is for you, finding your first job, pinpointing your interests or “niche” during your early career