Critical Care Scenarios

Critical Care Scenarios

Latest Episodes

Lightning rounds #20: Being efficient
September 25, 2022

Brandon and Bryan chat about tricks and methods of increasing efficiency and getting things done at work.

TIRBO #18: Mastering dilation
September 18, 2022

A deep dive into dilation during Seldinger techniques, such as central line placement: tips, pitfalls, and pearls.

Episode 51: Resuscitating and deresuscitating with hypertonic saline, with Sean Barnett
September 11, 2022

We explore the controversial area of using hypertonic saline to support hemodynamics, protect the kidneys, and facilitate diuresis in the critically ill patient. Our guest is Dr. Sean Barnett, hyperto

TIRBO #17: Being cool is a privilege
September 04, 2022

Ruminations on nursing post-nominals, understated wealth, and how it’s easiest to not show your power when you already plenty of it.

Lightning rounds #19: How to write a journal article
August 28, 2022

Continuing the discussion from last Lightning Rounds about presenting at conferences, Brandon and Bryan chat about writing for peer-reviewed journals: why, how, and the process from choosing co-author

TIRBO #16: Are PAs as good as doctors?
August 21, 2022

How do PAs and other APPs compare with physicians in the clinical context?

Episode 50: Rib fractures and surgical plating with Ron Barbosa
August 14, 2022

We look at the rib fracture patient requiring ICU admission, including a discussion of surgical repair, with Dr. Ron Barbosa (@rbarbosa91), Portland trauma surgeon and SICU director at Legacy Emmanual

Lightning rounds #18: How to give a conference presentation
July 31, 2022

Brandon and Bryan chat about academic presentations… how to prepare and submit them, selecting the right venue, giving a good talk, and the elephant in the room: why to do it at all.

TIRBO #14: Trajectories of illness and critical care
July 24, 2022

How the arc of disease peaks and falls, and how the curve of our care should match it to avoid under- or over-treatment.