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comedy4cast comedy podcast

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Batter Days, Chapter 4
May 30, 2022

Seven Hundred And Twenty One Acting on some advice, Mulligan and Kipper attempt to bring their motorcycle/sidecar, "Old Porcupine," to The Tunnels. But the entrance to the underground facility is g

Batter Days, Chapter 3
May 27, 2022

Headline headaches Buzz "Scoop" Crackerjack Thomas is all set to take on his next assignment. But the new Editor-in-Chief disagrees with Buzz's choice of topics and tries to substitute another stor

Batter Days, Chapter 2
May 25, 2022

Thoroughly modern methods. Abby Falmacher and her team from the Venus Arms Hotel & Towers try to enjoy themselves at the big Middling Fair festival. But Abby is preoccupied with thoughts of the dam

Batter Days, Chapter 1
May 23, 2022

Shelter from the storm. As April begins (just go with us on this one), the residents of Middling Fair are listening to Mayor Rory's Founder's Day speech. The speech will be followed by a few tradit

The Gavel Made Me Do It
May 20, 2022

Brax Higgins has his day in court Buzz "Scoop" Crackerjack Thomas covers the arraignment of former Little Wicker Baskets executive, Braxton Higgins. But Buzz has to share screen time with someone e

The Taco Of Truth
May 18, 2022

Plans begin to unfold (and unravel) As the month of April approaches, things start to get hectic in and around Chasm Valley. Traveling to The Tunnels under Middling Fair, Captain Broughha once agai

Books, Crooks And Second Looks
May 02, 2022

Broughha and Abby try to find some answers Captain Broughha has made a big discovery. At least it is to him. He's learned that Cindy is in possession of some important books. The books contain inf

Supply Change Issues
April 01, 2022

General Kalamity gets an unexpected delivery It took over a year, but General Kalamity is about to get an item he special ordered for Camp Parmenter back in 2021. It is something he never thought h

Basket Blunders
March 07, 2022

Abby Falmacher is being followed! The owner of The Little Wicker Baskets Company travels to a basket factory in Franklin, Ohio. She's trying to find out why production of her little wicker wonders

HaartteStoppers: The Cold Shoulder
January 05, 2022

Can you solve this high-octane case? It's time for you to match wits with Middling Fair's best (and only) private investigator. Detective Haartte has run across an unusual automobile accident. And