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comedy4cast comedy podcast

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Batter Days, Chapter 27
August 13, 2022

Fool's Gold Rush It appears Brax Higgins may have figured out a way to get into Chasm Valley. But how? There is a huge police roadblock covering the one and only road into and out of the valley. Di

Batter Days, Chapter 26
August 10, 2022

Serving Up Trouble Brax Higgins and Bad Note Billy are on the lose and headed for Chasm Valley. Cindy and Detective Haartte head back to Princess, the converted 1976 Tiara Megacoach tri-axle school

Batter Days, Chapter 25
August 08, 2022

Hats Off To Haartte Cindy and Detective Haartte, as well as the group of artists, Mulligan, Kipper and Captain Broughha and the Magenta Fedoras have all arrived at the fabled Deeds Carillon. But, n

Batter Days, Chapter 24
August 06, 2022

An Exclusive Chided Tour Mark Blumchen, honorary Mayor of Carillon Historical Park, invites everyone on a special "Carillon Day" tour of the grounds. In fact, it looks like the tour will be the onl

Batter Days, Chapter 23
August 03, 2022

The Band Played On And On Princess, the converted 1976 Tiara Megacoach tri-axle school bus, has finally reached the city limits of Dayton, Ohio. Now, Detective Haartte and Cindy have to try to lose

Batter Days, Chapter 22
July 31, 2022

A Recalculated Risk Buzz and General Kalamity argue over the best location to search for the Waffle Batter sphere. That is, until someone else steps in as the voice of reason. Cindy and Detective H

Batter Days, Chapter 21
July 29, 2022

Big Trouble in Little Detroit Cindy and Detective Haartte have concluded that Princess, the converted 1976 Tiara Megacoach tri-axle school bus, is headed in the wrong direction. They reason that th

Batter Days, Chapter 20
July 26, 2022

Bordering on Bewilderment At last! The tanker truck has arrived and the Ottertown Truck Stop has gas again. Now, Captain Broughha is intent on having the KRAWLR be first in line to get it refilled

Batter Days, Chapter 19
July 21, 2022

Rock and Ruse While waiting for gas to arrive at the Ottertown Truck Stop, everyone finds themselves in the station's so-called "De-luxe Parking Lot." That includes the artists and their odd art-pr

Batter Days, Chapter 18
July 15, 2022

This Stop Is The Pits The band of artists pursuing Princess have pulled off the highway. Their makeshift vehicles were not designed for long-range shenanigans. What they need is a place to gas up a