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comedy4cast comedy podcast

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Danny! Only In Theaters!
June 04, 2021

Let's all go to the lobby...with Danny! Movie theaters are re-opening! And no one is more anxious to get back into a cinema than Danny Hillcrest. However, some time ago, Danny had been banned from the Middling Fair AMC,

Back Up To Speed
May 19, 2021

Season 17 starts off with a bang! With another April crisis resolved, things are finally getting back to normal in Middling Fair. But reporter Buzz "Scoop" Crackerjack Thomas has uncovered some shocking news coming out of Grassssssside Greene.

The Slow Down, Chapter 30
April 30, 2021

Back from beyond. As our 2021 April Podcast-a-Day story wraps, it's finally time for the gang to make their way back out of the tunnels. General Kalamity takes charge of dealing with Bean and Hitch. Miss Falmacher and Giles head back to the Venus Ar...

The Slow Down, Chapter 29
April 29, 2021

Secrets of the spheres. The gang has been rescued from certain doom. Now Miss Falmacher, General Kalamity and Giles want to know what the deal is with the spheres everyone is so eager to collect. To answer their questions,

The Slow Down, Chapter 28
April 28, 2021

Not-so-permanent markers. Deep within the tunnels under Chasm Valley, Miss Falmacher and General Kalamity learn how they were tricked by their fellow traveler. Did you pick up on the clues? But now, can they prevent this peril from becoming a fatal ...

The Slow Down, Chapter 27
April 27, 2021

A shot in the dark. The shocking revelation about Russ "Red" Arcadian has put Cindy, General Kalamity and Miss Falmacher in great danger. But more twists and turns lay ahead. And, as if that is not enough,

The Slow Down, Chapter 26
April 26, 2021

No sunscreen required. Now that Cindy has been located, everything should be fine. But, no, things are actually taking a turn for the worse. Those two thugs, Bean and Hitch, have caught up with the gang. What will happen to our heroes?

The Slow Down, Chapter 25
April 25, 2021

Return policy. Far beneath Chasm Valley, in the tunnels created by the badger people, a huge set of wooden doors has just opened before the General and Miss Falmacher. What lies beyond? Meanwhile, in Grassssssside Greene,

The Slow Down, Chapter 24
April 24, 2021

That run-down feeling. After its long journey, Princess might be running out of steam. Or, in this case, battery power. Does that mean the mission to rescue Cindy is doomed? And where has Giles gone? Meanwhile, Grassssssside Greene's Mayor,

The Slow Down, Chapter 23
April 23, 2021

Pouring one out. How can you lose something on a moving bus? Even if that bus is traveling at 500 feet an hour. It's not easy, but it has happened on board Princess. Elsewhere, Dick Bando has received some shocking news.