Coffee with The Couple Cure

Coffee with The Couple Cure

The REAL Serenity Prayer (The quickest way to change your situation) – 3.13S

July 21, 2021

Most people have heard the first three lines of the Serenity Prayer, but it's usually the popular version. The original version is much richer. And its main tenants are essential for recovery from porn and sex addiction, and especially lies. This episode covers the first three lines of that Prayer. (The next episode will cover the rest.)

Episode Summary:
-Being 'strong and courageous'
-When the addict's expectations aren’t met
-The quickest way to change our situation is to… but only if…

0:00 Intro to the Original Serenity Prayer
2:15 The second part of the original prayer / What serenity may look like for the addict
3:47 Why we are to call each other into our nobility ("Addicts have to have evidence of life change")***