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Coffee With Dad

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CWD-102 WHy Identity Based Habits are Better
February 22, 2023

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know how forming good habits is key to having a more fulfilled life. Today lets pour of cup and coffee and talk about how identity-based habits can be so much mo

CWD-101 Be Dependable - to Yourself
February 20, 2023

Are you a dependable person? We usually think about this in relation to are we a person others can depend on. But can you depend on yourself? Lets look at the ramifications of this important question

CWD-100 Your Opinion of Yourself Matters
January 18, 2023

Sometimes we let others opinions of ourselves override what we believe we are capable of doing. This can cause us to doubt ourselves and limit our abilities. Lets realize this and work on what reall

CWD-99 Let the Obstacles Make You Better
January 16, 2023

Things will always get into the way of your progress. Sometimes the obstacles are small and sometimes and they are larger. Seems like a huge negative but it doesnt have to be. Lets turn those stumbl

CWD-98 An Attitude of Gratitude for Positive Change
January 11, 2023

Today we are going to discuss gratitude. And Id like you to consider a bit of a different take on this. With the New Year we are always looking to change for the better (hopefully). And sometimes the

CWD-97 Keep Your Perspective
January 09, 2023

Your perception of yourself should not change based on how someone else looks at you. Let's talk about this one over a cup of coffee this morning. Thank you for listening and please don't forget to su

CWD-96 Conditioned Response
December 14, 2022

This is an important podcast that I invite you to devote your full attention. In fact, it would be great if you grabbed a pen and paper, or opened notes on your computer and recorded a few thoughts. T

CWD-95 The Endowment Effect
December 12, 2022

Today we talk about relationships and the endowment effect. The endowment effect is the feeling that what I have is mine and it will always be so. Its comforting in some situations but toxic when it

CWD-94 Take Time to Respond
December 07, 2022

Today were going to talk about decision making. And part of that is understanding what part emotion plays in the process - for better or worse. How do we get past that. Ive got some tips for you tod

CWD-93 Groundhog Day
December 05, 2022

I reading a book called Groundhog Day by Paul Hannam. It relates to the movie of the same name. Today Id like to share with you thoughts from the book including the wisdom of breaking out of destruct