Chicano Shuffle

Chicano Shuffle

Latest Episodes

328 - Holy Tuesday
March 26, 2024

It's Holy Week and it's story time! Ramon breaks it down for us and we have a discourse on religion. Then we shuffle on to other topics and pendejadas.

327 - WcShuffle
March 19, 2024

We fax it in this week, almost literately... as because of scheduling conflicts, this one is a Zoomie. A little shorter but still with included pendejadas.

326 - Done with Dating
March 12, 2024

Ramon is back to the Ramon Show to Ramon it up. He may, or may not, have went and got voice deepening surgery. We discuss things and sprinkle pendejadas.

325 - I'm Good & You?
March 05, 2024

Noelia is back! She is taking over for Ramon! Okay, for this one, not for like, ever. We discuss Captain Save a Hoe, the younger crowd, the older crowd, relationships, mental states... okay we talked

Todo Destrampado
February 27, 2024

Ramon anda todo destrampado, so we have random discussions about healthy eating, how you pee, and the cancellation of "This Fool". Of course, pendejadas included.

323 - Lazy Cholo
February 20, 2024

We shuffle around a few topics and pendejadas including digital evergreen concerts, Ramon's tendency to run people over, and the super bowl half time show.

322 - Ick... But Yum!
February 13, 2024

Top story, Noelia is back! We discuss her trip to la patria and other pendejadas. She wraps it up by dropping a bomb on us guys!

321 - Pretty Hot & Tempting
February 06, 2024

Let's discuss work life balance, love languages, taggers and even bidets! Little bit of shuffling and pendejadas.

320 - Structuring Change
January 30, 2024

Ramon doesn't like change but here we are. We have discourses on the male youth mindset, immigration, and financial crime.

319 - Getting Screwed
January 23, 2024

Esteban got screwed and we talk about it! Plus pendejadas and existential questions.