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Chicano Shuffle

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110 - Addictions are a Beach
October 15, 2019

110 huh... chido. How are you? Cause it appears the shuffle is a little bit aggro this week... let's discuss. You can say this episode is one of the more serious ones. Not all serious of course but we touch on a couple topics that are more...

Episode 109 - Estas Bended
October 08, 2019

The surprises keep coming early into our third year! Halloween comes early this month. - We have some back and forth about scary and creepy movies plus some haunted stories. It's not all "Halloween", we do discuss other things...

108 - Seeds & Juice?
October 01, 2019

So no union break this year... welcome to the start of our year three. Let's get shuffling! - This week we have some surprise guests... and by surprise, we mean surprise to us. Awkward, maybe... entertaining, for sure! We welcome back Noelia,

107 - Montebello Artfest 2019
September 24, 2019

No chinges... two years! We have learn quite a bit more than last year but not as much as one would hope. Still trying to do the best we can and we are grateful to all you out there listening to our pendejadas. Seriously,

106 - Let's Make a Deal
September 17, 2019

It's Tuesday (non Lebron trademarked Taco Tuesday) and here we are again with a new episode. As usual we discuss a variety of topics and pendejadas... good times. The shuffle takes us on a coaster that starts with a recap of someone's music gig,

105 - Searching for Manholes
September 10, 2019

Isn't it strange that most of us have one hand that knows how to do everything but we also have one hand that knows almost nothing and we constantly make an excuse for it... "I'm right handed". This episode may or may not be that huevón hand...

104 - Toying Around
September 05, 2019

Let's see... we discuss quite a few things including the Chappelle controversy, some high school stories, and some toy controversy. Plus, as always, a sprinkling of pendejadas throughout. Need to know more... get listening. -

103 - Technicalities and Fantasies
August 27, 2019

(This is technically an I owe you.) We discuss technicalities and fantasies. - Thanks for listening and stay tuned…

102 - The Claim-O-Meter
August 20, 2019

This week we do our usual shuffle at the usual shuffle time but we ask a question... at what point can you claim you are from a town/city? Simple or maybe not. - We also commemorate two events from history celebrating their 50th.

101 - Redlands Meat Up & Big Paul Show
August 13, 2019

** Fair warning: This episode was recorded on site at the event and the audio can be a bit noisy from everything going on around us, including music.  - This week we are semi-live from the Redlands Car Club 2nd Annual Car Show and Meat Up.