What Would Cheric Do?

What Would Cheric Do?

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WWCD: Episode 57 – The Deadly Shadow
April 07, 2019

As one of the top agents in the SSA, we are no stranger to deadly and perilous missions. With our attaché case in hand, we take on the search for a mystery man who has just escaped from a Russian agency.  This case may prove far deadlier then we suspec...

WWCD: Episode 56 – Zombie Penpal
March 27, 2019

Cheric, as part of a 2nd Grade class project, got a penpal in New Orleans. We conversed over the year and then Hurricane Katrina hit and we never heard from her again. Fast forward to middle school in Maine and we think the new girl in our class looks ...

WWCD: Episode 55 – Magic Master
March 10, 2019

It’s not often you get to meet your heros. In this week’s episode our favorite magician, The Magic Master, has moved into our hometown and we can’t wait meet him! Who knows maybe he will want to train us? Or at least we can learn his secrets!

WWCD: Episode 54 – Through the Black Hole
February 24, 2019

We’ve just graduated from Space Acadamy and are eager to go on our first ever mission. However, once we learn that it is to try and be the first man to pass into and possibly through a Black Hole we have…well…some concerns one might say.

WWCD: Episode 53 – Vampire Express
February 12, 2019

Deep in the mountains of Romania, we find ourselves on a train whirling down the winding tracks with Mrs. West and Nina, her niece, on our way to meet our Uncle and once and for all prove the existence of Vampires! We only have to watch Mrs. West,

WWCD: Episode 52 – Rock & Roll Mystery: The Remix
January 29, 2019

There was way to much rocking for one podcast!!!!  Our bandmates are still missing and the demands are still rolling in from the kidnappers. Will we ever find our friends? Who or what is behind this diabolical plot?

WWCD: Episode 51 – Rock & Roll Mystery
January 23, 2019

Welcome to Chapter 3 of WWCD!  Cheric is off to a rollicking start this year! He’s in and up-and-coming rock band, gearing up for their first world tour, when tragedy strikes and two band members go missing. Ransom demands follow,

WWCD: Episode 50 – Respawn Special: The Mystery of Chimney Rock
December 16, 2018

For our final episode of 2018, we revisit one of our favorite books we’ve read the year! What further mysteries are in store for us on our second trip to this witch’s mansion. Can we finally rid this quiet Connecticut town of this cursed manor?

WWCD: Episode 49 – The Antimatter Universe
December 02, 2018

In this adventure, Cheric has just earned a spot working with a world-renowned physicist on groundbreaking new technology. His theories along with our research have enabled us to to create a portal between our universe and the antimatter universe,

WWCD: Episode 48 – By Balloon to the Sahara
November 18, 2018

Just a normal summer vacation in France with our cousins this week. Nothing really unusual. We just rent a hot air balloon and ride it…ALL THE WAY TO THE SAHARA DESERT!!! Needless to say we’ve gotten ourselves into a real sticky wicket this time.