What Would Cheric Do?

What Would Cheric Do?

Latest Episodes

WWCD: Episode 66 – Daredevil Park
March 28, 2020

On this adventure, Cheric has won the opportunity of a lifetime to be one of the first guest into a new amusement park….Daredevil Park.  We’ve been wanting to go ever since we heard it was being built and never thought we’d get the chance to see it fir...

WWCD: Episode 65 – Sabotage!!!
March 28, 2020

In this episode, Cheric is a super spy tasked with infiltrating Nazi Germany and rescue two of our other top spy friends.  We begin our story in Casablanca, a city teaming with spies. Who is our friend, who is our enemy,

WWCD: Episode 64 – Phantom Submarine
February 23, 2020

In this undersea adventure, Cheric discovers that he has extra sensory perception…aka..ESP!!!! Of course, the very first thing that happens is the government knocks on our door and “needs our help”. Do they really need our help?

WWCD: Episode 63 – Secret of the Sun God
February 09, 2020

In this episode, Cheric’s aunt Eloise has asked us to come help her on her expedition in Central America. Not surprisingly, chaos ensues and our aunt has gone missing and sent us a poncho as our only clue to what is going on. Will we find our aunt?

WWCD: Episode 62 – You Are A Genius
February 03, 2020

We are back! Cheric returns for the second chapter of our special run of episodes! Today we wake up and find out that overnight we have become a genius! Now the real question…how will use our newfound gifts? Maybe we can make a ton of money?

WWCD: Episode 61 – The Third Planet from Altair
January 05, 2020

New Year, New You, NEW CHERIC!!! Join Cheric on this special run of adventures as we fly through space to investigate a mysterious signal coming from the other side of the galaxy. Who know what we’ll find! Robots, a water park, certain death???

A Special Announcement from Cheric
May 28, 2019

We have something to share with all the Chericthians out there.  Chad gets sentimental. Eric ruins things. Cheric takes a time out.

WWCD: Episode 60 – Your Code Name is Jonah
May 28, 2019

We’re about to have a whale of a good time! The whale’s song has gone missing and could unlock the mystery of the whales. We’re a secret agent tasked with finding out about this whale song and it’s meaning…and…our code name is Jonah.

WWCD: Episode 59 – Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey
May 14, 2019

Cheric, master dectective, finds himself thrust into the middle of a family squabble in this classic whodunnit mystery. We have our list of suspects, now we must follow the clues to find the killer! Visit us on the line at: chericpodcast.com

WWCD: Episode 58 – The Deadlier Shadow
May 01, 2019

To say we were not pleased the first time we read “The Deadly Shadow” was an understatement. In this surprise respawn special, we are going to give it another go and see if can’t find something in our signature attaché case that help us out!!