C4P 23 - Special Needs Preschoolers

January 09, 2017

Show Notes for Podcast 23 “Special Needs Preschoolers”

Bible Passage: Isaiah 43:19

You are pretty new at this special needs thing. You may even be pretty new to parenting. Maybe you are a little overwhelmed and want to know what to think about next with regard to your child. Join us as we chat about the swirling emotions, overwhelming options, and practical every day developmental helps for our preschoolers with special needs.

You have landed in a different place than you expected.

Take care of the caregiver.

You may have more options for:

  • Therapies

  • Medical Intervention

  • Education

than you think.

Ideas for helping with your preschool child’s development at home.


(Be sure to look below at our Resources section for fresh input for you as you guide your child.)

Fun-based learning:

  • Outings

  • Manipulatives

  • Gross Motor Skills

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Homemade records of information you want them to know.

  • Creating and communicating routines helpful to your family life.

  • Setting up learning stations in your home.

  • Presenting “themes of the week”


Remember: it is NEVER too late. There is always HOPE.

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