C4P 19: Gut Stuff

October 19, 2016

Bible Passages: Psalm 119:103, Luke 12:23, John 4:34, Galatians 5:22-23, 1 Corinthians 10:31, John 6:35

Gut Stuff

Today we are going to talk about one thing that could be at the root of a child’s learning concerns and/or behavior challenges. Join us as we explore yet another potential answer to a child’s struggles.

Is your child:

·         Uncomfortable?
·         Stuck in some of his development?
·         Sickly?
·         Struggling academically?
·         Annoying?
·         Miserable?

·         High fructose corn syrup
·         Hydrogenated oils
·         Artificial flavors
·         Artificial and sugar substitutes
·         Too much sugar

Consider the effects of dairy and/or gluten on your child.

Do the process of crowding out. (Institute for Integrative Nutrition). Buy more and more good stuff and less and less bad stuff. Eventually, your pantry and refrigerator/freezer will be filled with healthy foods.

Consider supplementing vitamins and minerals as needed.

Tip for the Week – Helping Your Child Get the Job Done

Some suggestions:
·         Step back and figure out what you want them to know.
·         Make a step by step list of the way that you want the job done. That list is for you.
·         Now, create a chart with those steps signified by pictures or a few signal words.
·         Post the chart in his/her room.
·         Every few days for a few weeks, go into the child’s room WITH him or her, communicate each step and do the steps together. Make it a positive experience. Work together cheerfully.

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Motivational Tip

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