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Sci-fi writer Robert Sawyer imagines the future of Canadian science
March 05, 2019

This country’s extraordinary real-life research facilities provide a wondrous backdrop for Sawyer’s imagined futures, proving you don’t have to stray far from home to be inspired by leading-edge science

Keeping antibiotics ahead of infectious diseases
February 20, 2019

Gerry Wright talks about the problems with promiscuous bacteria and how antibiotics resistance could affect the future of medicine

Better molecules for better medicine
October 19, 2018

Annie Castonguay, a researcher at Institut national de la recherche scientifique, mobilizes metals to destroy cancer cells and drug-resistant bacteria

Tiny fly, deadly bite
October 19, 2018

University of Calgary post-doctoral student Chukwunonso Nzelu studies the deadly tropical disease Leishmaniasis

Knowledge, ceremony, and an Indigenous approach to research
May 25, 2018

Carrie Bourassa explains what Indigenous research methodology means, and why it matters

Seeking a treatment for ALS
April 23, 2018

PhD student Sheena Gurm looks deep into brain cells for clues to a deadly disease

The solace of quantum
April 19, 2018

Sub-atomic research portends a second digital revolution that could solve some of our most vexing problems

Sight for sore eyes - Trefford Simpson researches the nerves of the cornea
March 15, 2018

Trefford Simpson’s research into the nerves of the human eye could lead to the development of more comfortable contact lenses

Michael Houghton’s 30-year quest to cure Hepatitis C
November 24, 2017

After discovering the Hepatitis C virus in 1989, Houghton is now closing in on a vaccine for the potentially fatal disease

Dealing with mercury in food
October 02, 2017

PhD student Catherine Girard studies the impact of mercury in country food in the North