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The Second Noble Truth, Part 2
February 24, 2021

The Second Noble Truth states that the most proximal cause of our suffering is clinging, craving or greed.  In this talk, we look at the importance of orienting ourselves with curiosity and interest in growth as opposed to self-judgment for being "gree...

Sitting Meditation – Grounding Awareness with Senses and Heart
February 24, 2021

In this meditation, we move through the senses and body to ground our awareness in heart and Earth.  At one point, I name what is on the exact opposite side of the Earth from where I sit in Charlotte NC, USA.

The Second Noble Truth
February 17, 2021

We continue our exploration of the 4 Noble Truths, a foundational teaching of Buddhism.  These teachings are a powerful study of the mind-- what causes suffering and what relieves suffering.  An old story called the Monk and the Samurai makes a great i...

Sitting Meditation– Seeing into the Mind that Clings
February 17, 2021

The 2nd Noble Truth is that the most proximal cause of suffering is clinging.  Sitting meditation is a powerful place to explore ways in which this might be true for you and how to work with the clinging mind.

Healing the Mind
February 14, 2021

This week I share a talk I gave for a program from Temple Beth El.  The invitation was to talk about healing the mind from religious, spiritual and mindfulness perspectives. 

First Noble Truth, Part 2
February 03, 2021

This week we we continue our exploration of the First Noble Truth through a story from Rachel Naomi Remen's My Grandfather's Blessing.  In this story she draws on 3 useful questions which she suggests short daily contemplation: -

Sitting Meditation- Tapping Into the Wisdom of the Body
January 30, 2021

From guest leader Colleen Faltus: - In this week's meditation we explore the wisdom of the body. As Valerie Kaur says, "One of the most vigilant spiritual practices is finding the seconds of solitude to get quiet enough to hear the wise person inside ...

Tapping Into the Wisdom of the Body
January 27, 2021

Today we had a guest speaker, Colleen Faltus, who shared beautiful resources for using our breath, body or movement for tapping into the wisdom of the body.

The First Noble Truth
January 20, 2021

Today we start our exploration of the Four Noble Truths with the first one-- in life, there is suffering.  While seemingly simple and straightforward on the surface, learning to reckon with this truth has a radical potential for transforming how we mee...

Sitting Meditation- Two Arrows
January 20, 2021

The teacher asked his students, does it hurt more to be shot by one arrow or two?  Of course, two.  The first is what has already arisen, what is unavoidably already here.  The second is the one we shoot into ourselves in reaction to the first.