Casual Fridays REI

Casual Fridays REI

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Episode 241 – You’ve Gotta Put Yourself Out There
July 08, 2020

If you haven’t figured it out yet, opportunities in life aren’t just going to magically come find you and there’s no fairy that’s going to come along and sprinkle some killer opportunity dust on you either. If you want success,

Episode 240 – Do Ever Stop Marketing a Property?
July 06, 2020

Marketing your properties for sale is a crucial step in successful land investing. It seems obvious but if you’re not putting in the work to get your land sold then it will sit forever. When we sell our properties we use the “Be Everywhere” method whic...

Episode 239 – Does Your Idea Have To Be Earth Shattering?
July 03, 2020

After the great show we just had with the team we started thinking about all the people who are looking for that one thing that they can create that will change the world and make them super rich. We hear it all the time,

Episode 238 – CoFounder Max Edson
July 01, 2020

Everyone knows one of the most time consuming parts of your Direct Mail campaigns is putting together the comps and data for your Blind Offers. Well not anymore!! We’re really excited to have Max Edson, the CoFounder of on the show today.

Episode 237 – The Final Frontier
June 29, 2020

Where would you go if you wanted to completely get away? What’s your idea of the final frontier? Are you more of a mountains and river kind of person or are you looking for some secluded beach front property?

Episode 236 – Investing For a Better You
June 26, 2020

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already got a successful business up and running or you’re a brand new entrepreneur. Investing in yourself and your business are essential to success and long term growth. You’ve got to love to learn new strategies,

Episode 235 – Success Isn’t Built Overnight
June 24, 2020

Success isn’t built overnight, in fact, for most it’s a long road ahead. It’s a journey that takes dedication, hard work and the belief in yourself that what you’re doing today will pay off in the future. The problem with that though is that it’s reall...

Episode 234 – Hold On, Offers Are Coming
June 22, 2020

Every now and then you’ll have a property that, for whatever reason, is taking a little longer to sell. It could be the marketing, the time of year, the price, etc.. As Land Investors we don’t make any money when our properties are sitting so we’re inc...

Episode 233 – Is Entrepreneurship a Disease?
June 19, 2020

You ever hear the quote that, “the Entrepreneur is the only person who will work 100 hours per week for themselves to avoid working 40 hours per week for someone else”? What does that say about us? Are we wired wrong?

Episode 232 – How Often Should You Mail?
June 17, 2020

In the Land Flipping game direct mail is the undisputed champion for finding off market deals ways below retail value. The returns you can get off one of one targeted marketing campaign can literally make your entire year.