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Decentralizing Intelligence Ops | FlyBy

May 18, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Mainstream vs Alternative vs Independent: Recent controversies in alternative media signal a broader shift towards decentralization and fragmentation across various sectors, highlighted by disputes involving key personalities and companies.

  • Evolution of Public-Private Partnerships: The traditional public-private partnerships are evolving into complex civic partnerships where media and technology blur lines between civilian and intelligence operations.

  • How to Navigate New Media Landscape: Analyze the core-message and economic models. Article advocates for “Value For Value” to maintain ethical integrity and avoid the pitfalls of traditional monetization strategies.

What is up with all the drama in Alternative Media recently?

I was inspired to start writing this piece a few weeks ago when longtime popular researcher Amazing Polly (@FringeViews) started making public accusations against a well known alternative health company, The Wellness Company (TWC). TWC have partnerships with many content creators and personalities in the Alternative Media space (some of whom I consider friends). While the initial concerns about TWC brought up by Amazing Polly are entirely valid (connections between founder Foster Coulson and Erik Prince [Blackwater]), the subsequent events that unfolded beyond this particular situation screams of a much larger sociological and technological phenomenon worth exploring for any independently thinking truth seeker.

While the TWC situation disrupted the perceived unity amidst the crowd of “awake” people perusing the Internet, the drama spilled into the heart of Alternative Media when Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) left the Daily Wire. This event speaks to how far we are on the operation to

split apart the Judeo-Christian ethic that the founders used as core principles of our country

. The drama that broke out concerning Steven Crowder (@scrowder) (divorce, ex-employee) only adds fuel to the fact that the conservative superstars who rose to popularity in the last decade, are now your main characters in the reality TV show called Alternative Media. We’ve called it AMIC (Alternative Media Industrial Complex). There are other names who have similar names for the sentiment.

We all know that Mainstream Legacy Media is pretty much dead at this point, at least in the format it was delivered in the past. But the question will be, can the Alternative Media exist without them? @Axios published an article titled “Shards of Glass: Inside Media’s 12 Splintering Realities,” which suspiciously tries to do something similar to what this piece is about. But their take is more about the platforms and “hive minds” that are quite general and not too helpful IMHO.

What I will attempt to do here is provide a template by which anyone can use to analyze the content you are consuming today. This is an especially important exercise, as it may reveal uncomfortable truths about your favorite podcasters, youtubers, tiktokers, x-ers, etc.

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

~1 Peter 5:8

C19 was the Great Reset

Can you believe it’s been over 4 years since the lockdowns? If you’re reading this, congratulations! You survived a highly orchestrated worldwide trauma based mind control session that could only be possible on the doorsteps of a true technocratic dystopia. Human interaction in the first world became exclusively virtual. Leaders of all strata were forced to make totalitarian decisions. And economic infrastructure was rattled for the first time in over a decade. No place was this more obvious than Mainstream Corporate Media. It can be stated that C19 was one giant initiation ritual for the general public, brought to you by those, knowingly or not, doing the bidding of the principalities and powers that think they have control over the earth and its people.


When we (@CanaryCryRadio) started to notice long time talking head personalities leave, get fired, or “let go” from their legacy trad-media fortresses, many were forced to go “independent.” We watched as they started forming alliances and groups in the “wild west” of online virtual media by either joining established alternative platforms, or going solo publishing blogs, podcasts, YouTube, TikTok etc. The folks who were once celebrated as the faces and voices of the establishment, suddenly found themselves alongside random people like you and I, competing for attention, clicks, and a paycheck. Some have found their way into government or private think tanks (@ChrisCillizza,@ChrisGloninger).

This diaspora of people coming out of the traditional media was/is happening to almost every sector or industry, including healthcare. In fact, it could be argued that health/wellness is THE most impacted when it comes to a post-C19 psyoped world. An exodus from the Big Pharma economic model seems to have been one tentacle of the greater plan to restructure everything. Or at least an excuse to show how broken it is, in order to implement the stuff that will “fix” it. Good ole’ problem-reaction-solution.

Of course, such a massive beast like Big Pharma can’t flip their cash cow infrastructure on a dime. They have an entire generation of customers hooked in, til’ death-do-them-part. It would take a decade at least. In the meantime, it would be beneficial for someone to cast a large net to capture all the disgruntled and disenfranchised citizens exiting the trust funnel of the traditional institutional pillars.

It seems that’s what the Wellness Company did. Some might call it a smart and savvy business decision, others might call it a direct operation from the intelligence playbooks. As you’ll see, the lines that separate these things are blurring. And it could be argued, that the final shift will come with the economic infrastructure, not just medical.


To that effect, I think Amazing Polly and others before her have done a pretty good job bringing attention to individuals who started the Wellness Company, and some of their ties to former private military contractors like BlackWater (Erik Prince openly assisted James O’Keefe and the Veritas Project learn how to do undercover work). The sentiment had been that such training turned Veritas Project into a “patriotic intelligence outfit.” It was likely also the reason for its undoing as well.

Since Amazing Polly published her video on the TWC, complete with a map of content creators who are either sponsored or have affiliates with them, she found herself being attacked and eventually doxxed. I’m not particularly in support of doxxing anyone, but the information that did surface about her was, at best, bad optics, and at worst, revealed some uncomfortable truths.

In short, her husband works for a company in Canada whose position required Government security clearance. I get it. Not everyone who has a Gov security clearance is part of the lizard club, but as I stated in the post that you can read here, I suggested directly to Amazing Polly, that it’s bad optics. Especially if that was something she was trying to hide from the public (which she has a right to do), since she likely understood that it would be bad optics coming from someone who has a decent sized following, making content exposing “the system”. Her husbands LinkedIn account has since been deleted. If you want to learn more about her reporting and perspective, you can see the video she published here, and the surrounding commentary about being doxxed etc.

In my personal opinion, the Amazing Polly vs TWC drama is just one tree in a much larger forest. Namely a sociological and technological phenomenon of decentralization (maybe even balkanization) of everything from journalism, to healthcare, to intelligence operations itself! The implications are more dire for all of us in one way, but a cause for hope in another.


I said in a recent podcast episode of Canary Cry NewsTalk, that we are all being turned into intelligence operatives.” What I meant was that every citizen (especially those on the internet) are effectively agents that represent something…or someone. In that context, maybe it was good that Erik Prince helped Project Veritas do undercover work to expose corruption, especially in the traditional right-left paradigm that we’ve all been forced into. Or perhaps it speaks to how the true social engineers have already been working on creating the parallel economy to the Mainstream Media, by building out the Alternative Media. The necessities of such an operation would naturally mean that they would have to mingle with the general population. This bridged the traditional intelligence operatives into civilian life, and weaponized civilian life to become more like intelligence operations. This is especially true when it comes to news media.

What this all means is that you and I are all being forced into this weird period of time when anything we say, do, write, or publish online, can be used for agendas that far exceed the initial intent of that piece of content.

We’ve all become messengers in the 5th generation war.

The rise of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) in the 20th century was marked by the partnerships between Private (Corporations) and Public (Government) sectors; Public-Private Partnerships. PPPs were designed to create the gray-area economic apparatus that would effectively secure the United States as the first benefactor in diplomacy and military affairs worldwide. Corporations that build really expensive and dangerous stuff, and Governments who come up with reasons to need them. And we-the-people get to pay for it. What could go wrong?

It is true that this very apparatus is currently running wild, instigating the poly-chaos of World War 3, where geopolitical and trans-religious tensions will unground the loyalties of prior generations, and instead, form new conflicts between networks. But this cannot be possible without the tools to make it happen.

As the MIC built “stuff” over decades, certain patented technologies and their commercial products began embedding themselves into our public communications infrastructure. As of 2024, there are smart phones in the hands of more than 6 billion people around the world.

This distribution has been a massive vehicle for the rise of “Alternative Media.” Even before the Trump era that started the greater public awareness of corruption and downfall of legacy media, a thriving Alternative Media synonymously existed alongside Independent Media. In fact, the two phrases meant essentially the same thing, mostly apparent via their economic models.

Much like the title “Alternative Rock” when I was growing up, anything “ALT” simply meant, “stuff that’s not being pushed by the mainstream (record labels, commercials, news outlets etc.).” It is supposed to represent content not economically incentivized by a third party, who wield the power to facilitate and manufacture a spot light for the subject. The music industry is a great analogy because we lived through the decentralization of economic viability for musicians through the rise of the Internet. Big record labels were forced to go more and more shallow as true talent were able to exist more or less independently or by way of starting their own record labels (alternative).

As avenues and opportunities to build one’s own economic fortresses increased, the lines between mainstream and alternative/independent became blurred. Mainstream has increasingly become nothing better than the vehicle for pure propaganda. But much of Alternative Media thrives its existence on calling out and exposing the lies of the mainstream. Without the Mainstream Media, Alternative Media is nothing. There is a symbiosis, a manufactured paradigm war, to keep each other alive.

Thus, as Alternative Media has matured into the New Mainstream, a new distinction has become clear. Alternative vs Independent.

The maturing indicates that we have reached critical mass on the decentralization and distribution of military grade comm technology. It’s why we are currently going through the adoption of #Bitcoin, where pseudonymity of transacting on a trust-less immutable ledger benefits both the intel operatives and great grandma living on the other side of the world alike. In fact, the transition to go from online to on-chain is WELL under way.

But in this new paradigm where the old ways of PPPs are exposed, new types of operations most certainly exist. Especially if it can assist the new generation of social engineers to transition from the train their forefathers built, onto a shiny new rocket ship.

It’s a lot to process, but I hope you get something out of how I’m working through this stuff to navigate the new landscape of millions to billions of voices all screaming into the database, competing to win the attention of the masses for just one moment to deliver a message.

The Evolution of PPPs

Parallels to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) like Public-Public Partnerships (PuPs) have also been around in past decades, where governments partner with non-profits instead of corporations. Highly controlled and tactical messages sent through, what was at the time, the advent of modern media; Newspapers, Magazines, TV/Radio stations is one thing (there were only so many when I was growing up), but perhaps even more powerful are/were the pulpits who reinforced the messages (501c3, non-profits, Truman’s Psychological Strategy Board).

As we find ourselves in this chaotic period a quarter of the way into the 21st century, the word “public” in the old PPP sense (Government), has become rather obsolete. No longer are our governments, especially at the federal level, representing the will of the people. Hence, the word “public” ought to be given back “to the people” as it were.

As such, we might be in new kinds of manufactured “partnerships.” Specifically a “Civic Partnership,” meaning the general public, largely measured in attention and clicks. These are more akin to “social contracts” between a creator and their audiences. Other synonyms like “tribes” have been used, but I stuck with Civic because it implies public duty, especially in online media that covers world events and news.

The labels I’m about to list here are not official, not taken from any public document (although informed by them), nor are they fully developed.

They also ought to be considered on a spectrum, not hard lines.

As you’ll discover, it’s not just “us” versus “them” anymore. It’s really all of us competing with one another in this new digital citizen panopticon as we begin to find our virtual homes in whatever Network States we identify with most (@balajis).

Jesus said in Matthew 24:7 “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom…” In this new era, it might be appropriate to understand it as “Network against Network.”

Since the modern network is defined by code, we can reference how all of this goes back to the power of the words and symbols. If we are careless with our tongue, we may fall into the trap of unintentionally misleading our fellow citizens.


I’d like to start off by suggesting the Covert-Civic Partnerships (CCPs…ironic