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732 – Zealots Taking Over Policy Making and the Disastrous Results
October 05, 2021 Me on Rumble Me on Odyssey Me on Bit

731 – The Iron Fist of “Policy” is King in Canada
October 04, 2021—The-Iron-Fist-of-%E2%80%9CPolicy%E2%80%9D-is-King-in-Canada:d Me on Rumble https://rum

730 – This Crisis Wasn’t Caused by Covid, It Was Caused by Bad Policy
October 03, 2021—This-Crisis-Wasn%27t-Caused-by-Covid%2C-It-Was-Caused-by-Bad-Policy:96e50d660409b8c290e09018cc73821574416438

729 – The World is Succumbing to Covid Maddness
October 02, 2021—The-World-is-Succumbing-to-Covid-Maddness:3 Me on Rumble

728 – These Policies Go Against Everything Canada Stands For
October 01, 2021 Me on Rumble Me on Odyssey Me on Bitchute

727 – We Are In Transit, Moving From Freedom to Tyranny
September 30, 2021—We-Are-In-Transit%2C-Moving-From-Freedom-to-Tyranny:3 Me on Rumble https://rumb

726 – What Kind of Chicken Do You Want To Be
September 29, 2021 Me on Rumble Me on Odyssey

725 – Some of the People, Some of the Time
September 28, 2021—Some-of-the-People%2C-Some-of-the-Time:f0f1f5b8a4e6f19216ed34a6386b3b4c96ab29d0 Me on Rumble https://rumbl

Vaccine Passports, Jab or Job, Logistics and Supply Chain Issues – Kitchen Table Talk 9
September 27, 2021—They-Are-Using-Dangerous-Rhetoric-To-Further-The-Divide-Between-Unvaxe

723 – Canada Becomes Australia in 3 Months Protests and Vax Pass Failures
September 26, 2021 Me on Rumble Me on Odyssey Me