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Hoax? Eastern Storm and More – KTT 47
September 25, 2022

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1089 Eastern Storm, Trolling Teacher, Xi, Tax Increases and More
September 25, 2022

Iran protests – thanks for the info Sept 24 date – XI? Tax bill in Canada Boobs McGhee is a troll? Western vax update Me on Telegram Me on Rumble

1088 Boobs McGee Protest, Tax Hikes, Paypal Back Peddles and Emergencies Act
September 24, 2022

Tax hikes Protests about Boobs McGee Modren day witch hunt Tax hike on payroll and debate on c-30 Trudeau’s speech hypocrisy / bill c-18 Emergencies act even more shaky Me on Telegram

1087 Covid and Canada Have Jumped the Shark
September 23, 2022

School boards love fetishists and lgbt but not murals. First debate between Poilievre and Trudeau Arrivecan to be voluntary? Looks like confirmed You shoot who now? Parliamentary press core muses abou

1086 Easy Come, Easy Go, Little High Little Low…
September 22, 2022

Debanked and paypaled Where’s Trudeau? Moldova? Plank of the week Me on Telegram Me on Rumble   Me on Odyssey

Boobs McGee – Speaking Moistly 128
September 21, 2022

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1085 Cost of Dental, TrudeauMustGo Continues, School Board Fetish, and More
September 21, 2022

Vacationing PM The value of trans people to hospitals. Cash money baby. Sexual exploitation by halton teachers supported by halton school board. Children’s dental details firm up Jagmeet’s rhetoric an

1084 Queen Tribute Falls Flat, Dental and Rate Hikes for the Fall & ArriveCan & Western Update
September 20, 2022

Dental? That’s at the top of the schedule Bank rate hikes could trigger recession. You don’t say? Infrastructure bank? A win for Bernier! End of arrive can rumors swirl The brits don’t like Trudeau ei

1083 #TrudeauMustGo is a Hashtag Under Massive Suppression, Queen Covers and More!
September 19, 2022

Justin pays respect to queen? End of an era. British funeral today Harper was given the Order of Canada you cannot shut down a movement. Time to flush the turd. Jason Kenney goes to Jolly Ol’ Canada n

KTT Returns – KTT 47
September 18, 2022

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