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1219 A Very Dark Time for Canada and Free Speech C11 Passes the Senate
February 03, 2023

No Mr. Bond, We Expect You To EDI, Bail reform, Bill c-11 passes the senate, Eliminate people who are suicidal. After their policies make people suicidal, Chinese spy balloons, Chinese spy balloons in

1218 What Happens When You Fight
February 02, 2023

Show announcement: Posted daily on and Locals Feb 5/6 will be the start of new production schedule Start moving over now. Most difficult will be spotify listeners Sorry about yest

1217 The Bottom Line is More Important Than the Truth
February 01, 2023

Court upholds no EI for fired worker, Mckinseys Dominic Barton is Rhode scholar, Wasted Canadian Tax Dollars on Hotels and more, Rate cut coming? Tucker Carlson mentioned on the HOC floor, Ukraine ne

Violent Occupation Speaking Moistly 161
January 31, 2023

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Dan Knight Speaking Moistly 160
January 31, 2023

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1216 HoC Back in Session, Debanking Continues and More
January 31, 2023

Tags Canadian Government returns to the HOC, House of Commons back from winter break 2023, A dollar in the hands of the person who earned it is always better spent than in the hands of the politician

1214 Bail Reform, Lockdown Skeptics Spied on by UK Gov, Hate Laws and More
January 29, 2023

Damar Hamlin is back! Tags Escaped monkeys in PA and Pfizers monkey experiments, UK Government spied on lockdown skeptics, Ontario liberals recruiting green leader over their leadership contenders, M

1213 It’s Not Accidental Incompetence Leading To These Negative Outcomes
January 28, 2023

Tucker Carleson asks why not liberate Canada from Trudeau? On the one year anniversary of the freedom convoy no permits will be issued. Robots dancing.just before they get their guns installed on t

1212 Who Is Responsible for Spreading More Misinformation
January 27, 2023

Misinformation like when the cbc used mannequins? When they said safe and effective? When they said Danielle Smith emailed prosecution about coutts cases? Like when they use race as a wedge? Always ac

1211 Trudeau’s Incompetence Pays Off for Canada As Tanks Can’t Be Sent To Ukraine
January 26, 2023

Germany is at war with Russia? Sending tanks to Ukraine. Dont worry Canada, our Tanks are broken so we cant send any! But now that the west has given tanks, Ukraine wants more! Real Canadian Footloo