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721 – Healthcare Workers Suspended, Crisis Manufactured.
September 24, 2021—Healthcare-Workers-Suspended%2C-Crisis-Manufactured.:6

720 – Tyranny and Nothing More – Vax Pass and Healthcare in Modern Canada
September 23, 2021—Tyranny-and-Nothing-More—Vax-Pass-and-Healthcare-in-Modern-Canada:1910f2f566

719 – It’s a Shame. It’s a Sham.
September 22, 2021—It%E2%80%99s-a-Shame.-It%E2%80%99s-a-Sham.:0 Me on Rumble

718 – Canadian Election Results Analysis and More!
September 22, 2021 Me on Rumble Me on Odyssey Me on Bitchute https://www

717 – Canadian Election Day 2021! Electric Boogaloo
September 20, 2021—Canadian-Election-Day-2021!-Electric-Boogaloo:0 Me on Rumble

716 – Big Crowds for Bernier, Not So Much for O’Toole. Jabs, Vax Pass and Protests and More!
September 19, 2021

Me on Rumble Me on Odyssey Me on Bitchute Me on Twitch

715 – Trudeau On Path To Election Victory. Manufactured Health Crisis Across Canada and More
September 18, 2021—Trudeau-On-Path-To-Election-Victory.-Manufactured-Health

714 – Erin O’Toole Supports Home Contact Tracing or 5k Fine in Home Riding
September 17, 2021—Erin-O%27Toole-Supports-Home-Contact-Tracing-or-5k-Fine-in-Home-Riding:9d3

713 – They Manufacture a Crisis in Order To Exploit the Crisis and Remove Our Rights
September 16, 2021—They-Manufacture-a-Crisis-in-Order-To-Exploit-the-Crisis

712 – If The Vaccine Works, Why Isn’t It Working
September 15, 2021—If-The-Vaccine-Works%2C-Why-Isn%27t-It-Working:1