The CaffiNation Podcast: Podcast Only Feed

The CaffiNation Podcast: Podcast Only Feed

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CaffiNation 549: Makeup and Mascots
September 26, 2018

On tonight’s show we have freaky faces from mascots to villains. We have technology fixing a lovely and disgusting problem., as well as a host of other stories is thrill and amuse you to no end. Join us on tonight’s adventure. Support the Show!

CaffiNation 548: Calm before the storm
September 19, 2018

On tonight’s episode we talk about the joys of food mixed with alcohol, we dive into some real good old fashioned nostalgia, and discuss comics and representation a bit specifically surrounding costumes for Halloween.

Caffination: 547 – Purple Cheese and the Trash Panda
September 12, 2018

On tonight’s episode we have a lovely array of fine flavored news and oddball commentary as per usual. What could be better than talking about cheese, baseball, and that perfect home away from home, that might cost you a mint to own.

CaffiNation 546: Build and Sanitize
September 05, 2018

On tonight’s offering, we find out what fuels the CaffiNation on our late night rants. We also delve into the world of automated lawn care and cooking with power! Support the Show! If you would like to support the show,

CaffiNation 545: Rebuild and Reset
August 29, 2018

Why was there no show last week? What are we doing about the world around us? How many questions can I fit into a single paragraph? Is anyone even listening?  The answers my friends are blowing in the wind. And not as simple as I make them out to be.

CaffiNation 544: Space Adventure
August 15, 2018

On tonight’s episode, we have a selection of only the finest Science and tech-friendly stories. We visit the outer reaches of human’s grasp. We explore what it will be like as we attempt to touch the sun, and we look into the beautiful mysteries of gro...

CaffiNation 543: Super Fakery
August 08, 2018

What do we cover? What can you expect out of the CaffiNation podcast? Well, tonight I’m going to explain a little about what that is and how we do. On tonight’s episode, we have tasty vittles and wonderful shiny technology,

CaffiNation 542: Fortnite and Fossils
August 01, 2018

On tonight’s episode, we have a bevy of new and exciting news to pass along to you. Old news and new, fossil records giving up new secrets and asking new questions. We find out a bit more about where we came from, and why we are still here.

Caffination 541: Greatest Hits
July 25, 2018

This show and website have been around for over ten years at this point. We have covered tons of different topics, but there have been a few that stand out. From zombies to techy jokes we have found a couple sweet spots that resonated with both us as h...

CaffiNation 540: Under the Hood
July 18, 2018

Spent a decent amount of time under the hood of the website trying to get all the bits and bobs working correctly. Please continue to let me know if everything is working correctly or not.On today’s show, you will find a lot of science news,