The CaffiNation Podcast: Podcast Only Feed

The CaffiNation Podcast: Podcast Only Feed

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CaffiNation 559: Be Kind
February 13, 2019

The title for tonight’s show was inspired by my latest sketch of the day. Basically calling out for being kind to both one’s self and to others as a primary function. The show is here to spread a little joy a long way.

CaffiNation 558: Tangled up
January 17, 2019

I chose ‘Tangled Up’ for the title of tonight’s episode because our schedules have been just that. It doesn’t mean the show has to stop though! The way our schedule has been going I would count on a new episode every other week for right now.

CaffiNation 557: Holidays Wrapped
January 03, 2019

Tonight’s show is the first after our impromptu holiday break, with lots of things happening in and around the CaffiNation Lair we didn’t have room to run a proper show so we were forced to enjoy the time off instead.

CaffiNation 556: Holiday Eats
December 12, 2018

Tonight’s show is all about holiday food and coffee. Right before the madness of the holiday season truly takes over why not allow the back end of the show to take the forward section for once?  The back half of the show is devoted to one of my favorit...

CaffiNation 555: Holidaze
December 06, 2018

Tonight’s show is about a day late and a dollar short. But that doesn’t mean it is baked with any less love. The show must go on! But in all seriousness, we take the two polar opposites of attention span TV and heavy reading and throw them into the sho...

CaffiNation 554: Leftovers!
November 28, 2018

Tonights show is all about leftovers. The good food for thought that has been kept safe and sound for an extra week. Doing the show on wednesdays sometimes interferes with real life, or real life gets in the way of the show.

CaffiNation 553: Death of a legend
November 14, 2018

This started out as a very different show. And then a Legend passed away. Stan “The Man” Lee, co-father of the Marvel universe died at the age of 95 this past Monday. I tried to do honor to the man in a quick sketch. To be honest,

CaffiNation 552: Spooky Eats
October 24, 2018

One of the challenges of the Halloween episodes are finding new and exciting stories, making sure that the content is always steaming and fresh. So what better way to do that then a spooky show filled to the brim with delectable haunted goodies.

CaffiNation 551: Good thoughts & Tasty treats
October 17, 2018

Back with more candy, more nonsense and plenty of fun for yet another episode blending the two worlds of of tasty treats and geeky things.  On tonight’s episode; people who build chocolate houses shouldn’t have fireplaces,

CaffiNation 550: Inky Goodness
October 03, 2018

With the release of tonight’s episode we are revving up for my favorite holiday of the year. I love me some Halloween! We talk about Inktober, candy, creativity, the best Halloween special of all time, and of course candy. We dive into some of the