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Buildings and Beyond - Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Mission Critical: Embodied Carbon in Sustainable Design with Kai Starn and Catherine Paplin

February 04, 2020

For the past 30 years or more, when we’ve been talking about the carbon emissions of buildings, we’ve usually been talking about operational emissions – the carbon put in the atmosphere after the building is built.  We now know that 30-50% of a building’s total carbon emissions are already in the atmosphere before the lights are even turned on.  These emissions are referred to as embodied carbon.  There is an enormous, industry-wide effort underway to incorporate accounting for embodied carbon in construction, because the realization has dawned that you can’t build ‘green’ without it.
On this episode, Robb sits down with SWA’s Kai Starn, Senior Sustainability Consultant, and Catherine Paplin, Senior Building Enclosure Consultant to hear about WHY embodied carbon is becoming a larger part of the conversation.

Episode Guests: Kai Starn & Catherine Paplin

Embodied Carbon Information and Resources
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Embodied Carbon Apps & Tools:

* Athena: Oldest embodied carbon counting program, good for initial concept/schematic design
* EC3 : Embodied Carbon Calculator just issued November 2019 with focus on materials
* Beacon: Thornton Tomasetti tool just issued January 2020

For purchase:

* Tally: integrated with Revit
* LCA One-Click

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