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We Should Know Better: Top 10 Multifamily Design Mistakes with Steve Klocke, Part 2

July 09, 2019

The residential building industry has made incredible progress toward sustainability and energy efficiency goals. At the same time, Senior Sustainability Consultant and Registered Architect Steve Klocke finds many new buildings under-performing because designers continue to make simple, avoidable mistakes.
Based on lessons he’s learned from certifying over 1,200 dwelling units over the past seven years, Steve discusses the top ten multifamily design mistakes being made over and over again – and how to avoid them. On this episode, Steve uncovers mistakes 6-10. Be sure to check out Part 1 of this episode if you haven’t already!

Episode Guest: Steve Klocke, RA

Steve Klocke is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Steven Winter Associates and a registered architect with 18+ years of experience in architectural design and building science consulting in residential buildings. He provides comprehensive green building certification support for the LEED for Homes, ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPLUS programs with a focus on lowrise multi-unit new construction and gut rehabs.
Steve is an integral part of the initial strategic planning sessions and workshops with builders, architects, and homeowners, setting goals and scopes of work for projects. The certification support he provides for project teams includes energy and building systems analysis, architectural design support, and project management. As a HERS Rater and LEED for Homes Green Rater, Steve inspects projects under construction for compliance with energy performance, durability, and health and safety standards. His performance testing expertise includes whole-house infiltration and duct leakage, as well as infrared thermal imaging.
Episode Information & Resources:
Presentation slides (mostly graphics): Top 10 Multifamily Design Mistakes
Steve’s Top 10 Multifamily Design Mistakes:

* Overcomplicated Geometry
* Design Irregularities
* Thermal Bridging: Roofs & Walls
* Thermal Bridging: Slabs
* Poorly Detailed Air Barrier
* No Lighting Controls
* Improperly Sized HVAC
* Antiquated Ventilation
* Inefficient DHW Distribution
*   Poor Communication

Other Resources:
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What comes to Robb’s mind when Steve mentions illicit, high-flow shower heads…

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