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High-Performance Schools with John Balfe from NEEP

April 09, 2019

Air quality, acoustics, and thermal comfort are just some of the critical elements to consider when assessing the indoor environmental quality of a building. But how are these characteristics measured in schools, and what programs do we have to ensure they are being prioritized?
Joining us for this episode is John Balfe from Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP). John discusses the key components to a high-performance school, as well as the programs and standards that are being implemented to help ensure the development of healthy academic environments.

Episode Guest: John Balfe, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP)
John works on the Buildings Team at NEEP to help drive energy efficiency in new and retrofitted schools and public buildings throughout the region. John works with the various stakeholders in the industry to advance public policy with high-performance building standards in the region, including facilitation of information exchange and knowledge transfer between states and programs. Prior to joining NEEP in 2015, John interned at the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission located in Manchester, NH. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2014 with a BS in Community and Environmental Planning.

Episode Information and Resources
NE-CHPS v3.2

* This is the criteria for the design of high performance schools focused on indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and ongoing operations.

CAPEE (Community Action Planning for Energy Efficiency)

* This tool is for communities to help stakeholders plan and prioritize energy efficiency projects at the local level.

NEEP’s High Performance Schools Webpage

* This includes links to other relevant info and case studies for high performance schools.

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