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Things to Do While Stuck at Home (Quarantine 3)
April 05, 2020

Stuck at home? If you're looking to be productive, try learning some of the things suggested in this episode.

Why Do Men Like Sports So Much? (Quarantine 2)
April 01, 2020

Why Do Men Like Sports So Much?

Quarantine Episode 1
March 29, 2020

Ben and Joe do a podcast while quarantined about the quarantine.

More on Coping
March 22, 2020

More information on how to cope with difficult situations.

Health Tips
March 15, 2020

What is health? What can you do to stay healthy? What are common health problems among men?

Having Fun
March 08, 2020

Fun is important. A lot of us probably need more of it in our lives right now. That's where this episode came from, and we hope it brings you the joy it brought us to make.

The Importance of "Bro Time"
March 01, 2020

Things get weird, but also a little wholesome, as Ben and Joe discuss "Bro-Time" aka time spent with close friends without judgement.

Accepting Who You Are
February 23, 2020

Ben and Joe talk about the never ending journey of accepting who you really are.

Nice Guys Finish First
February 16, 2020

Being nice makes you more attractive than being a jerk. Ben's rants get loopier. Joe plays a new game.

Humor As a Coping Mechanism w/ Mike Glazer
February 09, 2020

The guys talk about the benefits of dark humor with comedian Mike Glazer.