Latest Episodes

New Idea? What do you think?
April 04, 2021

We have an idea for a new approach to the podcast, if you guys would like to give your input, please go to

007 GoldenEye Movie Commentary
November 27, 2020

The bros watch the classic Bond movie GoldenEye and comment alongside to provide company to anybody who may have to quarantine over the holiday weekend.

Platonic Love (Update!! We're Still Kickin'!)
September 04, 2020

Not a lot in here about platonic love but we're back and we miss you guys!

Business Nonesense: Fact or Fiction? (Quarantine 10)
May 21, 2020

Joe quizzes Ben on business history, Ben gives some business stats, and both discuss the future of customer service.

Lexis Sharde: Life Coaching Comedians (Quarantine 9)
May 10, 2020

Comedian and podcast host Lexis Sharde joins the bros.

Jacquie Brown (Quarantine 8)
May 03, 2020

Comedian and former 3rd runner-up to Miss America Jacquie Brown joins the bros to talk about comedy, pageantry, and performing under pressure.

Financial Scams (Quarantine 7)
April 26, 2020

The guys talk about old financial scams and check in with recent economic events the U.S.

Movies to Watch While Stuck At Home (Quarantine 6)
April 19, 2020

Still stuck at home? Ben and Joe come up with a big list of movies you might really enjoy with explanations of what the movies are about and why you should watch them.

Reverend Dr. Joe Paisley (Quarantine 5)
April 12, 2020

Reverend Dr. Joe Paisley is the audio and media engineer behind the popular and hilarious research podcast "Timesuck" with Dan Cummins.

Marijuana: Philosophies and the Current Market (Quarantine 4)
April 08, 2020

Daron Coon, owner of C4 edible company in Washington State joins the podcast to talk about the current state of weed, the effects of the quarantine, and market predictions.