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Identify Passengers During Traffic Stops
November 03, 2019

United States v. Landeros   9thCIR   11JAN2019 Bruce-Alan Barnard explains the ruling in this case which answers the question: Can a traffic stop be extended simply because a passenger refuses to identify himself?  

Catching Flies with Honey
July 27, 2019

United States v. Bernard, 4thCIR 24JUN2019 – In this case Bruce-Alan Barnard analyzes a case where consent is a key part of extending a traffic stop into an investigative detention and Fifth Amendment Miranda issues are created under the “functional eq...

The Case of the Screen Door Sweep
May 18, 2019

United States v. Richmond   7th CIR   13MAY2019 Presented by LEA ONE – Bruce-Alan Barnard is your host and he discusses this case where the Seventh Circuit extends a Terry Frisk behind a front porch screen door.

Chalk it up as a SEARCH!
April 28, 2019

Taylor v. City of Saginaw, Sixth Circuit, 11APR2019 In this episode, Bruce discusses the case Taylor v. City of Saginaw where the Sixth Circuit held that merely touching a tire to put chalk on it to enforce parking laws is a search under the Fourth Ame...

When is a person seized?
March 26, 2019

United States v. Gaines, 10th Cir. 12MAR2019 In this case, Bruce-Alan Barnard explores two key parts of Search and Seizure Law: What constitutes a “seizure” of a person for Fourth Amendment purposes? When does the Attenuation Doctrine apply after a Fou...

He poked the tire!
February 10, 2019

United States v. Richmond   5th Cir. February 8, 2019 In the first Broadcast BLUE podcast of the 2019 season, retired FLETC Senior Legal Instructor Bruce-Alan Barnard summarizes and analyzes the case US v Richmond.

Wenzel v. Storm – Use of Force and Qualified Immunity
August 17, 2018

In this case, retired FLETC Senior Legal Instructor Bruce-Alan Barnard analyzes a recent Eighth Circuit case Wenzel v. Storm released August 9, 2018.  This case is about qualified immunity for use of deadly force in an altercation with an unarmed but b...

A New Shade of Blue
August 08, 2018

Host Bruce-Alan Barnard explains the exciting new direction in which he is taking the Broadcast BLUE podcast.  It’s a new shade of BLUE!

US v Aiken 1st Cir (18DEC2017)
July 25, 2018

In this episode of Broadcast Blue, Bruce-Alan Barnard discusses the Fourth Amendment issues presented in United States v. Aiken. In this case, the First Circuit applies a three-prong test to determine if the guest of a guest in a motel room has a “reas...

US v Highbull 8th Cir (6JUL2018)
July 22, 2018

United States v Highbull Private search and recovery of defendant’s cellphone by ex-girlfriend does not constitute government action as to trigger Fourth Amendment applicability.