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Consent Searches
August 03, 2020

LEA ONE Director Bruce-Alan Barnard takes a look at the law governing consent searches.  LEA ONE provides legal training you can TRUST!

How did we get here? A historical look at the Fourth Amendment.
August 03, 2020

Bruce-Alan Barnard provides a historical overview of the development of the Fourth Amendment.

The Attack on Qualified Immunity
July 25, 2020

Broadcast Blue host Bruce-Alan Barnard is joint by Poppi Ritacco, JD, LLM who is currently a lecturer at the University of Pittsburg and is also a former FLETC Senior Legal Instructor.  Bruce and Poppi have a candid discussion about Qualified Immunity ...

The Community Caretaking Exception
April 27, 2020

Caniglia v. Strom   1stCIR   13MAR2020 In this episode, Bruce-Alan Barnard explains the development of the Community Caretaking Exception and breaks out the First Circuit’s analysis in this case. In this case of first impression for the First Circuit,

Kansas v. Glover – Special Supreme Court Edition!
April 07, 2020

In this one-hour special Supreme Court edition of Broadcast Blue, host Bruce-Alan Barnard explains the significance of this case for law enforcement officers upon discovering a moving vehicle is registered to a person with a revoked driver’s license.

Traffic Stop – Permissible Questions
March 22, 2020

United States v. Smith  5thCIR   12MAR2020 In this episode, Bruce-Alan Barnard discusses this case which provides a great example of using questions that are permissible while conducting a traffic stop to establish the reasonable suspicion required und...

Identify Passengers During Traffic Stops
November 03, 2019

United States v. Landeros   9thCIR   11JAN2019 Bruce-Alan Barnard explains the ruling in this case which answers the question: Can a traffic stop be extended simply because a passenger refuses to identify himself?  

Catching Flies with Honey
July 27, 2019

United States v. Bernard, 4thCIR 24JUN2019 – In this case Bruce-Alan Barnard analyzes a case where consent is a key part of extending a traffic stop into an investigative detention and Fifth Amendment Miranda issues are created under the “functional eq...

The Case of the Screen Door Sweep
May 18, 2019

United States v. Richmond   7th CIR   13MAY2019 Presented by LEA ONE – Bruce-Alan Barnard is your host and he discusses this case where the Seventh Circuit extends a Terry Frisk behind a front porch screen door.

Chalk it up as a SEARCH!
April 28, 2019

Taylor v. City of Saginaw, Sixth Circuit, 11APR2019 In this episode, Bruce discusses the case Taylor v. City of Saginaw where the Sixth Circuit held that merely touching a tire to put chalk on it to enforce parking laws is a search under the Fourth Ame...