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How an Agile Focus for Enterprise Architects Builds Competitive Advantage for Digital Transformation
July 15, 2019

Learn how Enterprise Architects can embrace agile approaches to build competitive advantages for their companies

For a UK Borough, Solving Security Issues Leads to Operational Improvements and Cost-Savings Across its IT Infrastructure
July 11, 2019

Learn how one change in security software led to far higher levels of user satisfaction and a heightened appreciation for the role and impact of IT

Qlik’s Top Researcher Describes New Ways for Human Cognition and Augmented Intelligence to Join Forces
July 08, 2019

Learn how to make the consumption and refinement of analytics delivery an interactive exploit open to more types of users

Financial Stability, a Critical Factor for Choosing a Business Partner, is Now Easier to Assess
July 03, 2019

Learn how new tools and methods that create a financial health rating system to determine the probability of bankruptcy, default, or disruption for both public and private companies

Using AI to Solve Data and IT Complexity--And Better Enable AI
July 03, 2019

Learn how AI will help conquer complexity to allow for higher abstractions of benefits from across all sorts of data for better analysis

How IT Can Fix the Broken Employee Experience
June 27, 2019

Learn how IT can elevate the game by delivering simpler, more intelligent experiences that enable people to work consistently at their informed best

Architectural Firm Retains Long-Term Security Confidence Across Fully Virtualized and Distributed Desktops Environment
June 24, 2019

Learn how BLDD Architects developed IT security that supports all of its servers and mix of clients in a way that’s invisible to its end users

Qlik’s CTO on Why the Cloud Data Diaspora Forces Businesses to Rethink their Analytics Strategies
June 20, 2019

Learn about closing the analysis gap between data and multiple, and probably changeable, cloud models

Happy Employees Equals Happy Customers -- and Fans
June 18, 2019

Learn how engaged employees are happier, more productive, and deliver a superior customer experience, all of which translate into bottom line results.

How Automation and Intelligence Blend with Design Innovation to Enhance the Experience of Modern IT
June 15, 2019

Learn how advances in design enhance the total experience for IT operators.