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It’s Official—Flexible and Remote Work are Here to Stay, Say Empowered Employees
March 11, 2022

Learn how flexible work models are the new normal for workers and businesses alike.

How Low-Code Development has Entered a Maturity Spurt Thanks to New Process-Oriented Capabilities
February 14, 2022

Learn how the current maturity of low code development will revolutionize the delivery essential business applications.

When it Comes to API Security, Expect the Whole World to Be Testing Your Mettle, Says Twitter CISO
January 12, 2022

Learn how API-intensive and -experienced businesses are bringing maturity to their API’s methods and protections.

2022: The Year Technology and New Work Models Come Together to Enable Continuous Innovation
December 14, 2021

Learn how 2022 will set the stage for the next decade of innovation and adaptation around digital tools, environments, and processes

How Houwzer Speeds Growth and Innovation for Online Real Estate by Gaining Insights into API Use and Behavior
December 01, 2021

Learn how Houwzer makes the most of APIs and protects its user data while preventing security vulnerabilities

Working the Great Resignation--How Employers Can Transform Things to their Advantage
November 01, 2021

Learn how the shifting expectations by employees will lead to a transformation of work that works to everyone’s advantage.

The Open Group Marks 25 Years of Working Together to Make Successful Standards
October 27, 2021

Learn about the game-changing, earth-shattering, and culture-evolving advances of standards-enabled information technology as a digital adoption wave swept over human affairs for the past quarter-cent

How More Industries Can Cultivate a Culture of Operational Resilience
October 26, 2021

Learn the best ways to anticipate, plan for, and swiftly implement the means for nearly any business to avoid disruption.

How FinTech Innovator Razorpay Uses Open-Source Tracing to Manage Fast-Changing APIs
October 19, 2021

Learn about Hypertrace and how an adopter in the online payment suite business gained new insights and deeper understanding of their services components.

Traceable AI Platform Builds Usage Knowledge that Detects and Thwarts API Vulnerabilities
October 01, 2021

Learn about a new platform designed from the ground up to define, manage, secure, and optimize the API underpinnings for what drives today’s digital businesses.