Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

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Episode 9: China’s CBDC & the new financial order
March 21, 2023

China continues to forge ahead with its central bankdigital currency, notching up millions of transactions through giveaways and lottos. But beyond the consumer headlines lies a long-term strategy th

Episode 8: Can ChatGPT speak bank? 
March 07, 2023

Description: The promise of conversational AI has so far been a disappointing series of chatbots helping banks reduce cost but doing little to inspire customers or improve the service experience. Can

Episode 7: Neobanks – sifting through the carnage for green shoots
February 23, 2023

What looked to be an emerging wave of challenger banks has in Australia fizzled, leaving few real challengers to the big 4. And after what was a much needed fintech correction in US and UK markets, on

Episode 6: Cyber security fails: it will get worse before it gets better
February 07, 2023

If 2022 felt like the year of the perfect storm for cyber incidents, then it's likely the weather will not improve in 2023 as banks along with many other enterprises continue to build, harden and in

Episode 5: Startup founders are not like other people
January 24, 2023

We chat to computerscientistand startup founder Paul McCarthy about new research based on a big data set he's working on showing just howdifferentstartup founders are to regular employees, and the

Episode 4: Bank venture funds: what the recession-proof money is doing in Australia
January 03, 2023

With a global recession on the cards, capital-rich bank venture funds are in a powerful position. We explore how they are using that power and whether they are capitalizing on opportunities created by

Episode 3: Open banking in India and Philippines: opportunity and inclusion
December 13, 2022

Open banking in India and the Philippines is opening the door for millions of people to take part in the formal banking sector, be it an individual opening a bank account or a small business getting a

Episode 2: Open banking – when will reality catch up with the promise in Australia? 
November 29, 2022

Open banking in Australia has stalled. It's been active for two years, and before that had a three year runway to get the ground rules sorted out, but the promised influx of third party players hasn't

Episode 1: Banking 2.0 retrospective – the more things change the more banks stay the same
November 15, 2022

We step back in time to 2010, the year Steve Jobs released the iPad, Instagram joined the socials scene and Uber, and with it the gig economy, were being born in New York. It was also the year Brett K

Fintech, Millennials and Telecom, what to expect in 2018 - Breaking Banks Asia | Media
February 18, 2018

Few people in the Australian market have the breadth of Telecom and Financial services experience as Rocky Scopelliti, who has spent much of his career looking deeply at the intersection between financial services and the telecom industries.