Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

Breaking Banks Asia Pacific

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Episode 14: How Asia’s Gen Z will change global fintech
September 22, 2023

There's no doubt Gen Zs will change fintech as we know it, but the ones likely to have the most influence? Kids today in Asia. Fintech ideas born in Asia are starting to influence trends around th

Episode 13: YOLO: Is the activist mindset hitting banking yet? 
August 16, 2023

There's a whole movie coming out about the YOLO investing that really messed up some hedge funds and short sellers in 2021. Could we one day expect a movie (we'd even be ok with a made-for-streaming s

Episode 499: Apple’s Future Vision
June 22, 2023

In This Episode This week on Breaking Banks a crossover episode from The Futurists featuring the dynamic duo of Robert Scoble and Brian Roemmele prior Breaking Banks guests, tech evangelists, s

Episode 12: When does a fintech become a bank? 
May 29, 2023

When does a fintech become what they set out to disrupt? Is it when they start offering bank-like products? Get a banking licence? Is it when they go all-in and buy an actual bank? In this episode we

Episode 11: Conflict fintech: what it’s like to lead a company through civil war and crisis
May 10, 2023

In 2021 Myanmar went through a series of shocks, beginning with a coup d'tat in February when the military overthrew the government and ending with a bank run. Brad Jones, the founding CEO of smartph

Episode 10: The bank staying the crypto course 
April 05, 2023

Once again it looks like the digital asset house is burning down, but in Asia the smoke is clearing -- or so believes the Singapore-based digital asset team at Standard Chartered.We talk to the bank'

Episode 9: China’s CBDC & the new financial order
March 21, 2023

China continues to forge ahead with its central bankdigital currency, notching up millions of transactions through giveaways and lottos. But beyond the consumer headlines lies a long-term strategy th

Episode 8: Can ChatGPT speak bank? 
March 07, 2023

Description: The promise of conversational AI has so far been a disappointing series of chatbots helping banks reduce cost but doing little to inspire customers or improve the service experience. Can

Episode 7: Neobanks – sifting through the carnage for green shoots
February 23, 2023

What looked to be an emerging wave of challenger banks has in Australia fizzled, leaving few real challengers to the big 4. And after what was a much needed fintech correction in US and UK markets, on

Episode 6: Cyber security fails: it will get worse before it gets better
February 07, 2023

If 2022 felt like the year of the perfect storm for cyber incidents, then it's likely the weather will not improve in 2023 as banks along with many other enterprises continue to build, harden and in