The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 124 – What’s New Pussycat?
January 11, 2023

Something is coming through the vortex gate from the Shadow World. What can it be? Will it bring a gift? The Slayers deal with inter-dimensional matters before resuming their exploration of the Ziggur

Episode 123 – Danger! High Voltage
January 04, 2023

The Slayers must face the naga. What strange contraptions are to be found in its lair? And is there a way back for Uncle Buggie? If you are enjoying our show we would be delighted if you could vote fo

Episode 122 – Fright Christmas
December 28, 2022

Has Allessandra destroyed the vital necronite crystal of anti-greebliness? That would be bad. The Slayers struggle to answer questions, see visions and have one drink too many.

Episode 121 – Violent Night
December 21, 2022

We chat a little about another year on the Hilltop and then rejoin the action as the Slayers try to rescue themselves from the six-armed undead alien greebly and start looking for a way to defeat it

Episode 120 – Blinded by the Light
December 14, 2022

The six-armed undead alien greebly has zapped our gallant heroes with a Prismatic Spray! Expect Oort dice a-plenty!

Episode 119 – Gimme a Little Sign
December 07, 2022

Kyuss horribles, gelatinous blobs, plenty of metagame squabbling and a six-armed, undead, alien greebly. What else could you want?

Episode 118 – Knight Swimming
November 30, 2022

Our heroes are beset on all sides by the Nasties of Kyuss but distract themselves from their predicament with levelling-up admin. + well be in the Podcast Zone at Dragonmeet on 3rd December 2022. Co

Episode 117 – Say Jello Wave Goodbye
November 23, 2022

The characters spend ages discussing how best to mount a surprise attack on a gelatinous cube, then attempt to retrospectively re-work their actions once things kick off. In other words, its business

Episode 116 – The Beetles Are Coming
November 16, 2022

Buggie has got himself into trouble. Kyuss-based trouble. Can Sessions get him out of it? Our gallant gang continue their adventures in the Ziggurat of Evil. CONENT WARNING: Episode contains extende

Episode 115 – Maggoty Knights Alright (For Fighting)
November 09, 2022

Once again, its time for the DM to reach for Evil Whispery Bad Guy Voice #3 as the Slayers encounter a mysterious six-armed fiend. All while Uncle Buggie frantically regrets his decision to trigger T