The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 143 – Run Pig Run
May 24, 2023

The Slayers have surprised an old adversary in their room. But is all as it seems? This episode is brought to you in association with Visit now and use code BILLOW at checkout fo

Episode 142 – Don’t Flask Me No Questions
May 17, 2023

The fight with the Acidwraith reaches its long-awaited climax. But are the Slayers trapped by Ilthanes brood? And what treasures remain to be found in her lair? Visit and use cod

Episode 141 – This is Acid
May 10, 2023

Disaster strikes the Command Pod. While Lucas is called away to avert tragedy, the endless combat with the acid thing continues. Can the gang run Parker in Lucas absence? No. No they cant.

Episode 140 – Surge and Destroy
May 03, 2023

Happy Star Wars Day! We actually go IN to an asteroid field as we chat with Ren-Pier of Fari RPGs about the Stoneburner Kickstarter. Then it is back to Ilthanes lair. Are you crazy enough to follow

Episode 139 – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Litmus
April 26, 2023

Paul joins Mike to chat about his new character, then we rejoin the Slayers as they find themselves trapped between a dungeon and some dragons!

Episode 138 – Island of Lost Souls
April 19, 2023

Its time for the great boar race! Or is it? Has the DM spent ages* working up a set of race rules for nothing? Whatever, once the excitement is over, the Slayers set off for Traitors Graves Island.

Episode 137 – Don’t Look Back in Amber
April 12, 2023

The gang meet a new associate lets not go so far as to say friend and would like nothing more than a decent nights rest. But there are more comings and goings in their hotel room than an episo

Episode 136 – She’s a Rainbow
April 05, 2023

The surviving Slayers level up, split the loot, and encounter a mystery figure.

Episode 135 – Sandy
March 29, 2023

All is still. All is dark. The Ebon Aspect stands motionless. In the deep crypt the only sound is the creak of Allessandras bow as it is drawn for the killing strike. This is her moment.

Episode 134 – Making Plans
March 22, 2023

Can the Slayers escape with their lives from the Ebon Shrine? And if they can, will they call it quits? Or regroup and go again?