The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 109 – Whatever Gets You thru the Knight
September 28, 2022

Things get steadily worse and worse in the Ziggurat. Enjoy!

Episode 108 – Chitter Bug
September 21, 2022

Our heroes are surrounded on all sides by the malevolent servants of Kyuss! Can they find a way to survive?

Episode 107 – Meet the Beetles
September 14, 2022

Everything is kicking off big-time in the Ziggurat. Our heroes must face an eldritch Knight of Kyuss – one of his deadliest servants – and a flight of corrupted angels! But what other terrors may be s

Episode 106 – (As Long As They’ve Got) Ziggurats In Hell
September 07, 2022

We rejoin our heroes below the great Ziggurat of Kyuss as they confront his myriad malevolent guardians. How much danger are they in? We’re thinking: lots.

Bonus Episode – Something to Talk About
September 04, 2022

A while ago the Elders of the Hilltop put away their dice and chatted away for a while about all things D&D, Pathfinder, adventures, old-school and whatever. We have dusted down that recording and her

Episode 105 – Welcome to the Jungle
September 01, 2022

The Lands that Wait must wait no longer. Doombringer sends the Slayers through the portal to the jungle city of Kuluth-Mar. What perils await our heroes in the ruins?

Episode 104 – Let’s Make a Deal
August 25, 2022

Our gallant gang of gadabouts hear the detail of Doombringer’s deal. Will they redeem their rod for a reward?

Episode 103 – The Man with the Golden Sun
August 18, 2022

The Slayers have reached Truespire and encountered an old friend. Now they must meet with the mysterious Marcus Doombringer. What nature of creature is he? What wisdom can he offer our heroes? And wil

Episode 102 – Mothership Connection
August 11, 2022

The Slayers encounter faces from the past and some creatures from goodness-knows-where.

Bonus Episode – Billow Talk
August 09, 2022

Readers Mike and Steve join us on the Hilltop to talk Age of Worms and D&D in this SPOILER strewn bonus episode!