The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

The Billowing Hilltop - A D&D Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 195 – Tony Story
May 22, 2024

Burple has broken cover. The Slayers have lost their invisibility. Can they enchant one of the giant guardians? And can Uncle Buggie resist the temptation to start a fight?

Episode 194 – Where is Everybody?
May 15, 2024

Invisible and silent, the Slayers explore the Citadel. On the plus side, its giant guardians have no idea where they are. On the minus side, neither do our heroes. Can they infiltrate without bumping

Episode 193 – Tower of Power
May 08, 2024

Lets play Mishap! The Slayers have pulled a Burple on their Teleport roll, now the DM will decide their fate. Will the Blue Dice of Power come to their rescue? Or will they find themselves plungin

Episode 192 – Return of the MC
May 01, 2024

The Slayers have found an unlikely ally. Will Talabirs information propel them towards their goal? Or will they stand around for a whole episode, unable to make a decision?

Episode 191 – Bridge Over Troubled Slaughter
April 24, 2024

The Slayers have teleported to the war-torn city of Kongen Thulnir in the hunt for Dragothas phylactery. Can they find anything of value in the rubble? Can they avoid marauding dragons and vigilant g

Episode 190 – Into the Valley
April 17, 2024

We begin Book 10 of the Age of Worms Kings of the Rift! The Slayers have returned to a rainy Tilagos Island from their adventures in the past. It is time to visit Marcus Doombringer before pushing o

Episode 189 – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
April 10, 2024

Uncle Buggie is under attack from a weird giant bony thing. Can the Slayers hold off the forces of Kyuss for long enough for the druids to escape? More importantly, can they finish Book 9 so we can al

Episode 188 – Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble
April 03, 2024

We deal with some mail, then the Slayers must continue their combat against the Forces of Evil. Can Paul get through an entire combat without malfunctioning?* Can Burple avoid making a catastrophic m

Episode 187 – A Long Time Ago
March 27, 2024

The Slayers have drunk from the Fountain of Dreams and have been whisked away to another reality. But where? And when?

Episode 186 – Shake a Tail Feather
March 20, 2024

The Slayers are short a feather. Can they steal it off Darls gang? Or will they have to go mountaineering?