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Talkin' About [Infosec] News, Powered by Black Hills Information Security

Webcast: Shellcode Execution with GoLang

September 28, 2021

In this Black Hills Information Security (BHIS) webcast, we explore using GoLang to author malware with embedded shellcode.

GoLang is a Google-authored modern successor language to C/C++. It is multi-platform, high performance, multi-threaded, and unlike C/C++ includes garbage collection! It has the advantage of compiling to native machine code, unlike .NET C# which is dependent on the common language runtime, and easily reversible. We explore how to execute Windows shellcode with GoLang in the same process thread space, and then also explore one process injection method.

If you are a penetration tester looking to expand your malware authoring skills, a little Go(lang) will take you far!

Recorded • 2021-05-20

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00:00 – FEATURE PRESENTATION BEGINS: Shellcode Execution with GoLang

01:39 – Meet Joff Thyer

02:16 – What is GoLang?

04:14 – Aspects of GoLang

07:43 – C# or Go?

09:24 – Go Command Line

10:57 – Golang Type Safety

11:31 – What is Shellcode?

12:51 – Sources of Shellcode

14:50 – Executing Shellcode on Windows

16:08 – GoLang “unsafe” Package

16:55 – Go “syscall” package is becoming per platform

17:50 – GoLang “windows” Package

18:22 – “x/sys/windows” package

20:29 – Looking deeper into Syscall

22:26 – Calling Functions out of Kernel32.dll