Talkin' About [Infosec] News, Powered by Black Hills Information Security

Talkin' About [Infosec] News, Powered by Black Hills Information Security

Webcast: IPv6: How to Securely Start Deploying

June 24, 2020

Joff Thyer has dove into everything that is IPv6 and has so much to share about it. He gets really technical but in a way you’ll be able to understand.

Google reports that over 30% of their systems access comes via the IPv6 protocol coming into 2020. Many Internet Service Providers have no remaining choice but to deploy IPv6 for simple lack of v4 address resources. The global Internet can already be thought of as balkanized into a split IPv4/IPv6 world based on historical v4 allocation. There will soon come a time whereby accessing IPv4 deployed resources will be considered legacy.

Join Joff and the BHIS team to discuss security principles surrounding an Internet facing IPv6 deployment. Learn about fundamentals, known security issues, and appropriate infrastructure defenses which must be implemented.

Enjoy a spirited discussion on how the v4 life support mechanisms of classless interdomain routing and network address translation are not required in a v6 world. It’s past time for IPv6 to become the norm. Fear not as we can do this!

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0:00 – Inaudible, But Good Looking Banter

0:18 – Here We Are Now. Educate Us

0:56 – IPv4 And After

5:45 – What’s the Address For IPv6?

7:40 – What About IPv5?

8:31 – IPv6 Allocation

9:27 – IPv6 Packets

10:28 – IPv6 Address Types

13:26 – IPv6 Address Typecasting

14:55 – IPv6 Address Assignment

16:21 – IPv6 Multiple Interface Addresses

18:25 – IPv6 EUI-64