Beyond The Baselines

Beyond The Baselines

OnCourt Or OffCourt, Kalindi Dinoffer Brings Health And Wit To Her Tennis Business

July 03, 2020

As a business owner and leader in our industry, Kalindi Dinoffer has led the industry not only with training aids and creation of tools for teaching professionals, but also in marketing. Kalindi's efforts in marketing her brand both at national industry conferences, through social media and video presentations have introduced her as a leader in our industry.

As Kalindi starts to mix and dabble with mindfulness and combining that in her life and business with her tennis following an injury-prone career of competitive tennis, she takes us on a journey through training, meditation and marketing.

Discussing who served as her mentors and role models, Kalindi looks at her exposure as a junior player and while in college, not just on the courts but, like her company's name, off the court as well where her Spanish professor and then an Italian professor at the business school, Kalindi speaks about her experiences growing up in the business. She discusses why she thinks the golf industry and the PGA are leaders in the leisure industries and why we, in the tennis industry, follow their lead.

Kalindi's latest achievement is the creation of a 5-day Virtual Symposium, starting July 13th. Given the restrictions that Covid-19 has placed on our industry, Kalindi along with inspirational speaker and tennis coach, Emma Doyle, have put together a panel of phenomenal speakers from across the tennis industry. With three interactive sessions daily, this is one event not to miss.

Kalindi's business for tennis and pickleball and more is at OnCourt, OffCourt and you can reach her any time at her email:

You may visit her website at