Beyond The Baselines

Beyond The Baselines

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On Court or Off Court, Kalindi Dinoffer Brings Health and Wit To Her Tennis Business
July 03, 2020

As a business owner and leader in our industry, Kalindi Dinoffer has led the industry not only with training aids and creation of tools for teaching professionals, but also in marketing. Kalindi's efforts in marketing her brand both at national industr...

Christen Zawatsky: I Love Working for a Female Director but I Don’t Like To Coach Ladies Club Teams
May 30, 2020

Director of Junior Tennis Christen Zawatsky discusses working in tennis as a female for a female director and why she doesn't like to coach ladies club teams.

National Town Hall: Reopening Means Restructuring
May 14, 2020

A National Town Hall discussing restructuring staff at country clubs as facilities reopen amid Covid-19

A Tennis Academy Was A Girl’s Wish. Now She’s a CEO
May 05, 2020

By Ed ShanaphyA second report in our series: Women in Tennis Amy Pazahanick always knew she wanted to start a tennis academy. She knew it long before she graduated from college. She knew it with every tennis ball she hit during practice as a kid.

The Home Owners Association: Where The Members Are Residents
April 27, 2020

Home Owners Associations for tennis can be rife with politics. Here are the secrets to making, marketing and managing a top-notch HOA.

Director of Tennis? No, I’m A Director of Information
April 14, 2020

How a Director of Tennis at one of the country's elite, seasonal country clubs sees his role as informational and year-round.

National Town Hall For Seasonal Clubs in The Corona Era
March 27, 2020

With the Corona Virus epidemic affecting year-round clubs, we focus on the seasonal, member-owned clubs and how they are working with their members and staff toward an uncertain summer.

Rolex, Tennis, Marketing and Why Member-Guests Are Just One Morning
March 20, 2020

Rolex, Tennis and Golf. Marketing to the elite clubs. How the tennis and country club landscape has changed over the past 30 years due to money and lifestyles.

Corona Virus Gives Us A Rare Opportunity
March 17, 2020

How you can create a better club, tennis or fitness department given the opportunity of down time created by the Corona Virus.

Randy Walker: Marketing The Mardy Fish Foundation
March 01, 2020

We were happy to catch up with Randy Walker at The Boulevard Tennis Club in Vero Beach, FL. Randy, owner and President of New Chapter Media, is not only a tennis publisher, but also an avid player, marketer and tournament director.